WvW/PvP Updates and Improvements

The second biggest change for wvw  has landed and from now on there will be a certain deviation involved in how the servers are matched up. Hopefully with this change to the glicko formula the system won’t be as resistant to change as fighting people further from your own rating enables a lot more deviation. There seemed to be a a few issues finalising it and leaderborads may not be running for a bit but the new matches are live. For good or bad we really don’t know yet… Tier one has remained the same but other servers have faced massive changes which has resulted in some being matched up far higher than is really appropriate.

It may be an excellent way of renewing a sense of interest in the match ups as your facing new opponents. Maybe, although they really aren’t addressing the major issues with WvW that are making it the whole experience fun but meaningless.

The newest patch has also brought in a few new additions to WvW which of course the patch has again been a little turbulent starting off the inability for many to set siege, a main meal of reward envy, and then finishing it off with a little ascended drama.

The lack of being able to set siege was actually rather amusing and while zerg warfare tended to run supreme during this time there was a lot more open world fights for a change, and these were a lot of fun. The New rank chests giving nothing more than masterwork most of the time as wells as a few badges and silver has been hotly contested as some claim there need not be any reward as the pvp is reward enough and others comparing the drops in these chests to the ones attained from some of the world bosses. I honestly don’t know what my opinion is right now, it’s a nice addition I just think the raised expectations a little too much beforehand about what people would be getting from them. And, Lastly ascended gear has finally entered WvW but with the still attached pve costs. The still require a considerable number of laurels, badges and ectos but reducing the cost in exchange for a stack of badges seems ok, It keeps the time cost attached to them that the wanted but allow wvw participants to get them more easily now.

Also some more changes with the patch are an added ranking line for the Oil siege (bugged atm, and a little useless), more ways to gain wex pee as well as increasing the amount for all types, and new/more wvw type achievements added to dailies. Overall it has been a decent patch for WvW and some improvements and quality of life changes and it is great to see the pattern of improvement finally starting to be more consistent.

It’s good to see changes finally coming to WvW that have mostly been ignored since launch, siege timers, account bound blueprints, and being able to place siege on enemy walls are some excellent changes we’ve seen recently that I think everyone is very happy for, but seeing these I can’t help but think what took so long. Originally they were singing the tune that these changes weren’t even possible, and now they have reoriented their interests. I don’t know why, perhaps they have realised the potential of this market. Pessimistic or not I think they left it too long, they launched at an excellent time really, they have had nearly an entire year uninterrupted by major releases which would have been a perfect time to establish and solidify a playerbase but I don’t think they have and it is soon going to be too late. They just work too slow and lack the updates and iteration that people expect.


Structured PvP seems to be doing a lot better now though, the addition of Custom arenas has caused the emergence of sooooooooooo many tournies to be running pretty much constantly. Keeping up with them has been rather hard, luckily though Arenanet have started a handy calendar on their Facebook page showing all the upcoming events. Spvp is finally bringing players back and once again seeing a lot of play which makes me think this is how it should have launched. Custom tournies was what the community needed in the beginning but the lack really helped in the downfall of its professional , and casual growth. It would have been much bigger then it is now if it was launched when it was ready, the question now is if it can eventuate into something now. Personally I think there is a lot of balance that needs to be done first before they push esports even further.

They are updating this area rather consistently, large structural upgrades like observer mode and new maps seem rather consistent at this time.. a new map is even on the way going by some of the notes that have been data mined recently. I honestly wish it was this development team who was in charge of WvW as it is this team that makes me think they could eventually create an esport out of this mess.

If your after more recent discussion about pvp either check out the new State of the game. or an upcoming video series called SOAC presents which is a broader approach to discussing PvP then the other.


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