Rekindling a Secret Flame

It has been a long time, so very long but I’m finally jumping back into The Secret World. It has been an absence of a few months now and as time has gone on the pull towards the world has gotten stronger. And on the weekend I caved, the mmo junkie went back for a quick story hit and it was wonderful.

I had tried to get back in a couple of weeks back, loaded it up and promptly felt over and underwhelmed all at once. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I tried something of which I did poorly and quit. This time though I took my time getting into it. I didn’t try any missions and just spent what felt like a couple of hours spending my Funcom points on lots of new purty outfits and then went about designing the new look. It felt right starting it this way as I was reconnecting in a more personal way with my character, learning about them once again such as who they were and who I wanted them to be. The wardrobe makeover was also a way of molding my character for the future. Once this was done I was once again feeling more immersed, but still not quite ready for random questing.
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