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Damn I can’t believe I missed my blogs birthday. Yep, Healing the Masses is now officially 1-year-old, amazing little accomplishment for me if I do say so as most times I’m not the most reliable person. I think I’ve stuck with it, and plan to for a lot longer because I just find it rather enjoyable. I still have lots to write and talk about, in fact my little notepad is brimming with ideas I have yet touched.

I have a good little routine going with the blog which I believe really helps. Writing a post every 2 days if I can gives me time to game and read as well as real life stuff, and is frequent enough that I’m getting most of the word spam down. Having a proper routine also helps me overcome my lazy side, and I’m really really lazy at times.

I think I have kind of figured out what sort of blog I want to be and the type of content I’m going to have. I’m never going to worry too much about news related pieces unless I have a differing opinion. Anything on a major news site probably won’t end up here as everyone that comes here would have read that stuff already. I’m also not going to be writing about games too critically that I haven’t, or don’t play anymore as it’s just seems a little hypocritical… I usually don’t even write a negative I Quitz post.

As for the games I do play though, they will get the usual treatment of rambling about mechanics and experiences, as well as being rather critical about certain pieces. I do have my positive things to say quite regularly but also believe the negative to be just as important. I like ranting, it’s fun and feels good and when your that invested in an mmo it really does help when getting through issues. It’s therapeutic to me.

As to the future of Healing the Masses I haven’t really decided yet. I’m thinking of self-hosting just to make my own minuscule little mark on the internet. The experimental phase to the blog is kind of finished and it’s time to get fully invested in this idea.

I’m also going to start making the rare video from time to time, and with a little more professionalism than the previous ones. Graphics, fading, music, and maybe a little voice work if I’m feeling comfortable with it. It seems a far better way to show of certain new games and content than word spam. No streaming though as it would never work out with the speed and quality of the network in my area.

Apart from that it’s going to be business as usual, an abundance of inane ramblings with a couple rare moment of brilliance.

Now to do something special for this lovely anniversary I’m giving away some steam leftovers, I buy 4 packs on steam occasional for a couple of kids I know and there always seems to be a leftover. So up for grabs is a copy of

  • Terraria – A baby of the metrovania style and Minecraft
  • Monaco – crazy bank robbing indie
  • Chivalry – Bloody medieval battler

Oh, and for something extra special I’ll buy someone Tomb Raider because it’s one of my favourites of the year so far that everyone should experience.

Hmm, to win it just comment or tweet, or even send me a letter of your favourite game experience of the year so far. You probably should say which game you want as well and the best will win Tomb Raider as well as their choice. The others will just be a random draw.

Thanks to all those out there reading and commenting and hope to have you all along for the next year of blogging.


8 thoughts on “Baby Blogger

  1. I just wanted to say — happy blogaversary! The first year is the hardest hurdle. Now you can be a jaded blogger vet.

    In all seriousness, I think you add a valuable voice to the MMO blog scene and I’m glad you stuck with it. 🙂

    • Thanks very much. It wasn’t as bad as thought it was going to be and I look forward to writing lots more.

      Thanks to you as well for being a great blogging role model

  2. Grats on reaching a years blogging. It’s amazing how quickly the time flies by without realising it.

    Keep ranting and looking forwards to the vids!

    • Thanks Mr Mere, glad to see your still plugging along as well and I’m looking forward to more of your pnp campaign and general hijinks

    • if I wasn’t writing every couple of days now I think I my head would explode from thought spam.Just got used to doing it that way now I think, plus I have over 2 hours of bus travel time each day which is often e perfect time to write a post.

      Thanks for Comment 🙂

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