Imbalances in Eve

I’ve still been thinking over the recent quote from destructoid regarding the massive sausage fest eve has going for it. I always expected the numbers were far from approaching equality but a measly 5%, wow. Why this is is a little uncertain though and like most things it wouldn’t be one, or even a handful of reasons, it is a interconnected web of issues and interests.

Spinks tends to think it has something to do with the restricted social structures that often lead to people initially playing a game. Many gamers really only stick to a minimal number of social groups that would congregation around similiar games and even if it was a hardcore pvp group eve really isn’t a game at this stage where a whole guild will one day just decide to play, the groups that wanted to play already are.

Liore had the opinion it’s due to Eve’s rather infamous reputation for harbouring trolls and a holes(among other things), which I have to agree with. When you deal with a certain amount of shit in your day to day gaming life you really don’t feel like taking on more of this burden. Reputation, and a little bit of experience is why I don’t play Lol at all and I can see others thinking the same way about Eve.

One reason I think is that female players generally like a more personalised character or avatar. I know I reflect many of my ideas and feelings onto my character and being able to customise them to suit helps immersion. Eve really offers none of this, it does have an amazing character creator but the entirety of the game revolves around a big sterile souless piece of steal.

I also believe it comes down to real life responsibilities a little. Eve is a very demanding game in terms of players time requiring vast sums of it and sometimes in weird hours. When your trying to balance real life like friends, family, children, work and just the daily chores their really just isn’t the time for such a demanding game.

Now I don’t think any one idea is all encompassing in terms of defining female gamers. For some people it will be multiple reasons why they don’t play, for others it could be something as simple as just not liking sci – fi. The point is it all adds up I’m the end to make a game that female players don’t frequent as often… which is totally fine. If you enjoy Eve I consider you very lucky, it has a lot of the things I want in a game.


3 thoughts on “Imbalances in Eve

  1. I was thinking maybe EVE follows the same principles of Guys that like cars, you got this big hunk of steel that men love to fawn over, where as women love the person more, and put pretty outfits on them.

    You got one thing right, EVE is a sausage fest, and I play MMO’s for the babes. LOL!

      • Sexist is thinking one sex is better then the other. Men aren’t better then women we’re just different. I celebrate those differences.

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