Excited about Examples at E3

It is a wonderful time to be a gamer at the moment as the E3 spectacular is upon us. Masses of peeks at new games, trailers for far off projects and the big guns duking it out for a spot in gamers hearts and minds.

I don’t think I’ll discuss the heavyweight match up as it’s been covered by many other individuals who had the time to watch him the event as it was happening or have something more interesting to say then I would.

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Twitter was abuzz with the new as well with many witty and hilarious replies to certain events.

I was never that interested in either to begin with as at the moment my main use of the ps3 is streaming media from the laptop to the TV. I’m even less interested because these new consoles are blurring the line between them and PC’s in terms of hardware and operating system which means we might see a lot less exclusives. I’ve been a pc gamer fr awhile now and I just find it far more comfortable to game that way.

If I was to choose, ps4 without a doubt.

The games are what have interested me this gaming season and I was not disappointed. Wow, just wow. So many interesting games from old and new ip’s coming out in the near future. A lot of which are multiplayer open world simulators, either fps or rpg and they looked fantastic.

When I said back during the Simcity debacle how I was looking forward to seeing the industry progress in terms of interconnectedness this is what I was talking about. Co op experiences with friends, apps to access in game information and even contribute, more connected and multiplayer that isn’t just a shooting gallery. Make no mistake that these new multiplayer aspects are another way of encouraging a sale away from piracy but is that a bad thing now. They are making a games out of the multiplayer aspects and improving the experience with them and not only increasing the effects of a “service”. I’m guessing as well that most of these would have learnt enough to include some sort of single-player experience, unless your an mmo (or pseudo-mmo) it’s just the right approach.

The other part that has impressed me during this event is the predominance of real freakin gameplay during the big presentations. There was still a few big CGI reveals to show off a new game, a few of which were done in engine, but this time there were many live demonstrations of games. Some of these had a few technical difficulties while playing which is not a bad thing, I think we’ve all come to expect that there will be a certain amount of bugs post release as these games are on a much larger scale than the used to be.

Most of these had demo’s available too but it was just nice seeing the developers not trying to hide behind the usual parlour tricks. They were heavily scripted, that much is obvious… actors playing out a given role in tandem within a heavily polished set piece but still, If you weren’t amazed at the building getting demolished during the multiplayer of BF4 then gtfo. If you aren’t salivating at the possibilities shown during the Division I ask you to return your gamers card at the door on your way out.

It’s a resurgence in real gameplay selling the game which is how it should be. I love a fancy trailer as much as the next red blooded gamer, a few in recent times have done well enough to sell a game for me. However I would much prefer to see gameplay as it is a far better reflection as to the realities of the game I want to purchase. I don’t want to see your fancy dog animitronics, I want to see the extent of player interaction in the game, how it plays and what the experience would be like. To me seeing gameplay before cinematic tells me that you place gameplay over graphics… Substance before style.

Although the graphics are now spectacular too. I guess it’s getting to the stage now with these next gen graphics for consoles that developers are finally able to present their games in the way they want. Uncanny value and washed out visuals don’t do too well for marketing but these do it wonderfully.

Very happy gamer right here folks, the only problem to me is being able to budget well enough to afford all these titles let alone a new console if some of these are exclusives I want.