Massively Talk with Trion

Well there you have it, in a recent post on Massively Trion stated they will have a minimal role in the actual development of Archeage for western audiences. The announcement makes me feel rather conflicted as I was hoping that maybe Trion could have a more active role in it all, they are an amazing company who have earned a reputation for quality updates in reasonable times with decent customer service. I wasn’t expecting it though.

What Trion will be doing is translating and giving feedback on items they would like like to fix or change but, while these would certainly be high on their to do list it isn’t a guarantee. They iterated how, as a company they want to take heir time to produce a quality product and translation which is nice.

I’m ecstatic that nothing major will be changing within Archeage. They will be trying to tailor it to particular audiences but it’s sandpark nature is staying in tact. It doesn’t sound like PvP and PvE will be separated, it might be tweaked but it really is integral to quite a few mechanics like trade, transport and pirating that separating it really would do more harm than good.

It seems farming and crafting are getting some extra balance as the profits from it were a little out of line with what was intended.

Combat is remaining in terms of the mechanics and general style, lots of skills, cooldown management, and combos. The comments about how he doesn’t want to make the combat stressful is a little odd, often times it is this stress that makes dungeons and pvp so enthralling and the completion fulfilling. I agree that you want a slower pace for AA as it is more fitting to the systems but what I’m seeing on YouTube vids, streams and such is rather opposite to that. Damage is high and death fast. A lot of these are your typical glass canons and such but I hope they align combat better with thesesentiments. I’ve seen and played too many mmo’s where he who burst first wins and it doesn’t make for good open world pvp.

Mostly though it seems they’re pretty happy with the current implementation. Also, going by what was said I wouldn’t expect it this year, maybe a spring release like another big name mmo.