An awesome E3 roundup

Ok so this is quite long now, I just didn’t expect there to be soooo many awesome games. I need to create some sort of sponsor a needy gamer initiative.

  • The Division – My favourite of the show

A sprawling open world online multiplayer fps with a wide range of skill customisation. Co-ordinate with friends, connected apps, and even pvp that may contain looting other players. Probably a console exclusive though =(

Cinematic Trailer:

Gameplay: (shown on PS4)

Information about the companion app


  • Battlefield 4


The scripted Multiplayer event:

I nice article about everything that is known so far


  • TitanFall

Call of Duty with Mechs but it is actually looking pretty awesome. A lot more movement tools and a limited use jetpack.




  • Watch Dogs

Still looking just as good as we saw last time. Probably one of those day one buy kind of games that although a great game isn’t as revolutionary as we previously thought.


A few decent videos at the Watch Dogs Youtube Channel too


  • Metal Gear Solid 5

open world(ish) fps with an emphasis on stealth and tactical gameplay

Extended Trailer:!



  • Halo

Cinematic Trailer:


  • Ryse: Son of Rome

Roman style battling that takes inspiration from God of war but has ended being entirely run by Quick Time Events

Gameplay/Cinematic: (shown on xbox)


  • Destiny

A FPS psuedo-mmo (that don’t want to call it one) being produced by bungie that is probably a more expansive and polished version of Defiance.. oh and a splash of borderlands. Looks Freeeekin amazing , so shiny.

Gameplay / Cinematic:

Scripted gameplay


  • Assassin’s Creed 4

Cinematic: … A&index=17


multiplayer Frantic mode and match customisation:


  • Thief

Very excited for this return to the franchise as they are emphasising the steath aspects although the combat seems a little… hmm, janky? (is that  a word) but thats probably a good thing otherwise it would be dishonoured 2.


Little bit of Gameplay:


  • Mirrors Edge 2

A prequel of sorts. love their aesthetic. Makes me want to try the original

Cinematic(in-game engine):


  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII has become just Final Fantasy XV

Loving the envoronment and the combat looks fun(ish)

Cinematic / Gameplay:

Battle gameplay:


  • Dark Souls II

I’m probably not hardcore enough for this version either

Gameplay / Cinematic:


  • The Order: 1886 (Sony Exclusive)



  • Infamous: Second Son (Sony Exclusive)

looking like a decent sequel to the franchise
Gameplay / Cinematic:



  • killzone

Yep, more shooty stabby


gameplay and discussion


  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Looking like it’s going to be a decent game as it is more free roam and they have retooled many of the mechanics.

Gameplay Trailer:


  • Rayman legends

I have always loved the quirky vibe and action of Rayman and here’s a new game that I would probably grab (on sale) but wait.. whats that.. boob jigglies on a cutesy child like character. If they were trying to appeal to a new demographic I think they misjudged.



  • Pikmin 3

the only game I would by a Nintendo product for



  • Mad Max

I’m guessing kind of like Rage but with more of an emphasis on the cars although it’s from the same people who made Just Cause so it could be a decent open world roamer.



  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

Not a fan of the franchise



  • Quantum Break (xbox exclusive)


  • Batman Arkham Origins

Looks the same as Arkham city in many ways. Free roam and sameish combat.

Gameplay trailer:

More Gameplay


  • Super Smash Bros.



  • Bayonetta 2

Gameplay Trailer:


  • Dayz Standalone


  • Dead Rising 3

Reveal Gameplay:


  • Project Spark

xbox answer to Little big Planet with a lot more creation tools but without the charm

Conference reveal:


  • Splintercell Blacklist

never played one of these, are they any good?



  • Transistor

From the creators of Bastion. Similiar combat but amazing style and looking oh so beutiful

reveal Trailer:


  • Star Wars Battlefront



  • Archeage

New Trailer:

A really nervous Lady discussing the features:


  • Final fantasy XIV: A realm Reborn

looking rather meh. The combat is looking particularly dated

Cinematic with the most ridiculous voiceover EVAAA:

Fate System (or poor persons rifts):


  • Black Gold

Another meh mmo



  • Black Desert

More pics released available over at Steperu


  • Elder Scrolls Online

new trailer


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  1. Brilliant round up, I really appreciate it!

    By the way, you should totally try and play the original Mirrors Edge! It’s almost always on sale and it is such a great and unique game!

    • Thanks =)

      I know I should play it, just one of those games for me that you never actually get around to playing.. too much other awesome.
      I know I will some day

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