Alting with an Ele

I am rather amazed at the moment as my Elementalist should be reaching 80 shortly to become my first ever max level alt. I have no idea why I play mains excessively above all others, it just feels right to play one character and be the best at it you possibly can be. It kind of feels like cheating on them I’m a way too.

I’ve also been falling a bit out of love with the Necromancer at the moment as well. It is not so much out of boredom, more disillusioned at the lack of updates and fixes to the class, skills and traits. When you play pvp you can’t help comparing yourself to others, it’s natural to be competitive and wanting to be better and the necro is just lacking compared to other classes. I’ll still play it from time to time while waiting, and it will remain my favourite class but now the new focus is on the Ele.

This entire last week I’ve been playing it and slowly leveling up to cap just to get more familiar with the class again. I caught the final days of the Southsun cove story and managed to knock out enough of the achievements to get the flower back pack. I think it will suit her nicely although I can’t quite equip it yet. I even received quite a few unique rare jewellery pieces during the event which definitely helps. All she will needs is a nice armor set bought with either karma, or gold and badges and then I’m ready to take on the zergs in WvW.

Letting it Rain Fire

Letting it Rain Fire

This weekend while farming the holographic points for dragon chests I even managed to get a jade weapon ticket. I was getting a bit annoyed farming these for a big chunk of the day and all I was getting was stupid candy. Originally I was hoping for the wings as a drop as there was no way I was going to farm up enough. I very nearly called if quits for the day of farming when I got the ticket. I would have to say that a half a days play to get one is rather reasonable but so frustrating not knowing when or even if I would get anything decent. I have farmed for days for an item, slowly but surely getting the required materials but this rng stuff never feels right. I would rather grind for an item than grind for a chance at one.

Loving the jade dragon staff though.. Awesome skin.



All this playing an alt though has started making me feel like playing other classes more often. The direction of Guild Wars with skins and the new gear is a little conflicted with playing more than one character but all the classes are so much fun and a big part of the enjoyment to the game seems to be trying them out. They did a wonderful job making them all feel rather unique in terms of the weapon skills, traits, utilities and mechanics, so much so that you want to have them all. I’ve played a fair few already in spvp but it never eventuated into leveling them… no time like the present. I really wish I could transfer some of the experience I’ve earned on my max level necro onto other characters. I have over 500 skill points not being used and I’ve already bought that big item for a legendary.

Oh, and to all those guild wars alters out there.. Why the hell are Laurels character bound.


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  1. I love all the classes. Even the final one I’m leveling, the Guardian, I’m slowly warming to. On any given day I play at least four classes, often I play them all. Can’t imagine being trapped in a single class.

    I’ve settled mostly on Ranger and Ele in WvW but my Necro did over half her levels there last year and I loved it. Not really sure why I don’t take her up more often. Mrs Bhagpuss, who has most classes leveled up, has a necro as one of her two main WvW characters. Are they really underpowered there? Everyone keeps saying rangers are but I can’t see it. Depends what you are trying to do, I guess.

    • haha yes, I’ve read your posts and you should probably be crowned the king of alts… or at least a high ranked noble. don’t worry though I’m only dabbling for now, it’s a way of life I’m not ready to accept just yet

      rangers can be decent when speced right for group fights or fact there one of the better dueling classes for roaming.

      Necros can be good against an unorganised group and in the zergs. You can tag a lot from a nice safe distance. but if you face off against some of the bigger more prepared guilds they will have a lot of condition removal and you will be lucky to see your bleeds ever go into double digits. The confusion stacking in partnership with a mesmer is still ok but you have to time the epidemic with them to the second otherwise it’s likely to be gone. Wells usually only get one or two hits in at best two.

      You also don’t have any decent tools to disengage from a fight and ds is a poor substitute for those… good survivability when speced right but you lose a lot of damage doing that. It does very well in a small group setting though and I still love the class regardless, unfortunately other classes can do what it does but better.

  2. Grats on the ticket drop! Did it come out of a coffer you opened, or straight from a mob?

    I haven’t seen one of those yet, though a holographic wings did drop for me – about two days after I bought one off the TP, and it had already dropped 10 gold in price. Managed to get back some of the gold spent for being an early adopter anyway by TPing that.

    • It was from the dragon coffers. They’re not to hard to farm of those holo points and I think I would have opened about 500.

      Guildy opened around 1600 and received 2 so I don’t think it is the greatest of drop rates

  3. Er, laurels aren’t character bound. Just logged in to my lvl 11 mesmer to make sure I wasn’t crazy and I can see my full laurel amount.

    I know of a guildy who has opened over a 1000 coffers and 10 rich ones.. no ticket. I think I opened 100, realised I didn’t want the weapons that badly and have made a tidy profit off them since. 😛

    • Lol nvm, just realised that I bought something with laurels on the main then later forgot about that and finished the monthly on an alt. Seriously, how do all you alters keep track of everything

      Wow that’s something bad luck…. Either that or I was just very lucky. And I’ve made a bit if money off them too.

  4. Laurel items being character bound is a serious pain…

    I’ve only got 9 character slots, with 8 characters above the 40s (5 80s)… :p

    What I don’t like about the laurels is they seem to want to force me to pick a main. Even if its just a ‘this is my character for fractals’ – that is still annoying. I get soulbound gear. But the inability to control the pace of gaining laurels is annoying. It appears like a gear grind, which is the last thing a player like myself; here for the intrinsic rewards of the game content itself, desires. ( )

    BUT the counter is that this chosen method is like a small bone being handed to the dog of the extrinsicly motivated player base. Many people play for the loot, the shinies, the rewards – this gives them the ability to keep a goal in mind that is not easy to obtain.

    And I? I am perfectly happy staying in the sub-10 realm of fractals where I can see all of the content as often as I desire.

    So my frustration is fairly minor. While I had initially planned to not get any exotic trinkets and instead shoot for the ascended fractal pieces from laurels – reality set in, I realized I didn’t need it, and now 4 of my 80s are in full exotics (only my first 80 still has a rare and a masterwork trinket – and that only because I had forgotten about it until a few days ago when getting the exotics my fifth 80).

    The game actually is very alt-friendly. Especially if you’re not here for the loot, but just for the gameplay. If here for the loot the game is still better for an alt-fanatic, as it means just a little more time till you run out of loot to get (and unless you want a legendary skin, you can run out of loot to get the moment you hit 80 and equip exotics).

    • I agree the whole gane is rather alt friendly to a point and for the most part I don’t worry about Ascended items. I only have 2 pink bits so far. I do think it isn’t as alt friendly as it should be though because of them. It would be super awesome though if the Ascended pieces were account bound. There is no need for them to be character bound as it is a time locked system to the account. It would still have the longevity as role would eventually want pieces for each alt.

      I also think the lack of a focus on mains doesn’t necessarily make it good for alts. There is just so many conflicting mechanics and design approaches.

      When you want to be competitive in WvW is where I feel like I should be only ever playing my main otherwise I’m just suboptimal and helping my guild less. The Ascended pieces do help, when added up its a substantial increase. Even the rank system is not very alt friendly.

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