Necro Build Recap

I’ve tried a a lot of different builds on the necro since release.. A Lot. When you play a main exclusive one if the areas that offers much of the replayability is customising your character any way you can.

I did this little recap on a reddit thread of these builds and thought why not repost here as well.


  • Power well – OMG LOOK AT THAT D.. , ah damn they moved
  • Weakness – this still hurts
  • Bleeds – yeh got it up pretty high that time aaaand it’s gone
  • Terror – hey this is kind of ok
  • Tanky Axe – I am invincible! Aww you healed up all my damage with regen
  • Close to death – ooh wait a minute, wait, doing decent damage aaaand dead
  • Chill manner – Haha noob look at me kite, oh you have ranged.. Well shit
  • Support – LOL
  • MM – come on guys keep it up.. You can catch him… COME OOOOON. STUPID FUCKS!
  • D/D – Haha melting you.. Ahh, you have a friend now. Hmm, Should I just.. Yep, assuming the position


None of these builds were ever overly bad they just lacked much of the synergy with traits and weapons that would make them great… Although a few skills and utilities are rather lacking.

But the new patch notes are kind of in and I thought I’d recap my builds before it hits as there are sooo many changes happening, many of which look rather interesting. Spectral Wall will probably be on my skill bar a little more and I may even use Axe occasionally.


This build is pretty Much your Fear is my Weapon kind of build.. but I don’t have a fancy name for it. The build is for WvW where I spend the majority of my time and the traits and such reflect this. I still don’t have all the nightmare runes though but this is the aim.

Spiteful Removal in Spite is AMAZING in the kind of engagements we have, kind of middle scale 10-20 players conditions are rather frequent but with our coordination we’re likely to kill a few throughout the fight meaning you have constant condition removal.. with consume conditions and putrid mark it is more than enough which means your food and runes can focus on the killing.

Twenty in curses is really required for nearly any build.. 20% bleed duration helps for those trying to remove it and Terror  for added damage. These traits are moveable depending on the situation. Sometimes I go with the the corruption skills reduction, and for the defensive situations wells being targetable is great. I even go Enfeebling blood occasionally if I’m roaming.

Death Magic for greater marks because… DUH

Blood Magic for Transfusion because it’s our one decent support tool, 3k+ heals is nice during team fights and you can do it pretty regularly… you don’t even need to hit  anyone for it too heal

And in Soul Reaping I picked up Soul Marks for the added Life Force generation which becomes a nice damage buffer (don’tforget to kill ambient wildlife too) and Path of midnight for more fear and Life Transfer


The other Build I’ve been playing around with in SPvP for a month or so is this weird little Hybrid Thingy although just imagine it is Carrion with a soldiers jewel. It’s actually rather decent to play as you have a bit of sustain from the conditions but also some front loaded damage through axe. It also works through weapon slotting a lot as well as jumping in and out of Death Shroud for a few Life Blasts… with these and Blood is Power you can easily get up too and stay above 20 might stacks.

I may even do a new video of it some time

8 thoughts on “Necro Build Recap

  1. I don’t even play anymore and I’m still irked that they haven’t merged Staff Mastery and Greater Marks together yet. ffs

    New Spite GM trait is…puzzling to say the least. The power tree gets a trait that does condition damage on critical hit. The hell is that? I’d still take it on my old 30/30/10 build with the maxed out condition duration, but it is really weird all the same.

    Weakness got buffed into something more useable so of course Withering Precision had to get nerfed into oblivion.

    And power DS builds get a nice buff with the new Soul Reaping GM trait. Pity that it doesn’t address any of the issues the build, and class in general, has. I suppose having Near to Death moved down is nice, but I’d prefer it if they would stop dancing about the issue and just remove the CD on DS instead.

    At least the new Spectral Wall looks both useful and fun. Hope it plays out that way in the field.

    • i don’t think they should be, greater marks is quite a strong trait as is and I like that its a minor trait to pick up. I do think Staff Mastery and Soul Marks would make a nice combo. I don’t think adding fire is too bad, it doesn’t scale as well with condition damage as others but having it will give a bit more damage to opponents. having even a slight amount of crit and weapons like multi hit axe, life transfer and such will mean it will be procing whenever the cooldown is up.

      Withering precision is a hard nerf to cop but with the other ways we have to gain weakness I don’t think it is too bad.

      yeh I would prefer having the 5 second cooldown on the is no where near op anymore, maybe it was in beta as being a stun break as well but not now. Although with that and the stability trait you could have a near permanent stability application now.. popping in and out of ds for stability is mighty tempting… hmm, I might just try that.

      Spectral wall is going to be another awesome way to apply fear which is good to see. More is always welcome in my main build

      • It’s been noted many times that the vast majority of weapon CD reduction traits also have some other misc bonus. The only exceptions are the necros Dagger Mastery and Staff Mastery plus the guardians uh, Torch Mastery iirc. It just makes sense to merge the two staff related traits that are already in the same tree. Though I suppose you could argue that marks aren’t staff specific because of the dodge trait and such.

        Merging Soul Marks into Staff Mastery sounds ok-ish, but I think Soul Marks is too lackluster to make me change my build to include it even if it did come free with Staff Mastery. Maybe if they improved it to 5%. But I’d still probably go for the likes of

        As for the burning thing, I didn’t say it was a bad trait. Just bizarre since its proc condition and effect have almost zero to do with the stats promoted by the tree it’s in. Also, burning is the most powerful damaging condition apart from Terror-boosted fear. Burning does the approx same amount of damage per tic as 6 stacks of bleeds.

        Actually, all damaging conditions are expressible as X stacks of bleeding per tic. As I said, burning is equal to 6 stacks/tic, while old confusion was 3 stacks/tic, new confusion is 1.5 stacks/tic, poison is 2 stacks/tic, and fear is 6.5 stacks/tic with the 50% boost as I recall. Which makes this torment condition look pretty lackluster since it will top out at the same damage confusion does right now, which I don’t think is coincidence btw.

        The Withering Precision nerf may not be too bad for the class on the whole, but I don’t think that’s a very good excuse for absolutely destroying the talent. Nobody likes short debuffs that proc uncontrollably and have disproportionally long ICDs. Look at bloody Glacial Heart, nobody uses it for a reason and they still won’t use it after this patch buffs it. The Withering Precision nerf serves absolutely nobody except designers who are short on time but long on apathy.

        As fun as perma-stability is, the opportunity cost to a condition necro is likely too high to justify and power necros still have major mobility issues. I’ll believe this new DS skill will help with the latter when I see it, right now it sounds like a damn channeled skill ffs.

      • I do agree they need to do something with these staff traits as they are rather underwhelming. the fact that the majority of necro’s would take Greater marks should be enough of a cue that something needs to be done about it..i would rather it be a part of the weapon to start with, it’s powerful but staff skills have a reasonable cd to start with and necrotic grasp is soo bad that the weapon will never be op.
        Also why does everyone hate on soul mark, I actually find it really useful for gaining in combat Life force relatively quickly and consistently.

        I do like the burning trait as it niow gives us a huge range of conditions to apply which might make it easier to keep those fing bleeds on. It is in a very weird spot though.. so it’s actually rather consistent in its position with the jumbled mess that is the necro trait lines.

        I did not know that about the conditions and their base levels.. kind of simple really when they could have been more creative with it although i guess it helps in the balancing.

        It isn’t that uncontrollable I think as it isn’t one of those have a percent to apply on crit… if you crit it’s there. You could crit it pretty consistently with the fury minor on ds and life transfer. I would have preferred a shorter duration but more consistent application as that is the reason the engi fire application was so good. I don’t think it’s in a bad place as a trait the issue is it being a grandmaster trait.. seriously. As a master trait it would be ok.

        I’m going to see if my perma stability necro can be a decent bunker in the future too, having consistent access to stability was one of the bigger reasons why a necro bunker wouldn’t work. With the change to spectral armor and walk it might be ok now… it seems many on the forums have the same idea so I might just wait a bit and see how they go.

        Overall.. with a few changes I still like my previous builds.. There just a little better now which is awesome

      • Yeah, another bunker build. That’s just what the meta needs.

        Regardless of my personal feelings about it, I think necros complete and utter lack of any sort of endurance regen will keep them from being competitive bunkers. I mean, it was possible to get near perma stability before too with heavy abuse of boon duration and necros couldn’t carve out a foothold then either

        Maybe if they had someway to leech endurance from people…

        As for Withering Precision, my entire beef with it is that the nerf feels like a hackneyed and lazy kludge that was implemented solely because having perma-Weakness was now deemed OP. They could have any number of things to keep things balanced, but went with making the trait all but absolutely worthless instead. I can see why it was done, but I’ve always hated it when developers suddenly remove viable builds and roles from me because they can’t be arsed to spend a few hours trying to not do so. It’s something that just so happens to really get under my skin.

        Beyond that, I just wanna say that whoever moved Terror up to Master tier is an asshole. I detest having to use filler traits and now that’s exactly what every 10 point trait my 30/30/10 build can lay its hands on is. Except Greater Marks and Staff Mastery, oh how annoying.

        (Also, everyone rags on Soul Marks because it’s so bloody underwhelming. The staff auto-attack is way better at generating LF.)

      • aww, don’t be like that. It isn’t going to be your standard bunker, going to see if i can be usefull as a res bot utilizing well of blood.

        And yes, like many others I’m still running on a bit of a high after my favourite class received actual real updates. I agree that it does seem like a nerf and that no one will ever pick it again, as it was before would have become rather strong but not for a grandmaster trait now. It would have made a strong 1v1 dueling build. They definitely don’t understand the classes and traits as well as they think they do.

        Oh and about soul marks.. you have to hit them with the auto first and I wouldn’t rely on that

      • It’s easy to hit them when you only play in small-ish zerg busting groups.

        Always being outnumbered and constantly being in point blank range does wonders for making grasp actually hit people. :p

        And I will feel free to continue being hostile to bunkers because they’re so bloody poisonous to the meta. Just like an overabundance of any other sort of build would be.

        At least the spectral wall change is almost unambiguously good. Though I feel that they should look at changing the protection application limit to an unmodifiable once per second per target instead of once per 5 seconds per target modified by the casters boon duration. That would allow someone to stack up a more significant amount of protection by dancing on the AoE, where the current limitation is kinda lame and unsatisfying.

        The same change could be made to Temporal Curtain, because the swiftness limits on that skill are a major pain in the arse and a significant QoL issue for Mesmers.

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