Final Countdown for Firefall

Coming up in a couple of days Firefall is having its final beta weekend before the switch gets flipped on July 7tth to make the game official… for realsies. I m actually getting shivers just thinking about it as I wish the game and the developers well on this amazing end of one age and the begging of another. It’s funny that even though I’ve played the game a bit over the past months and recently stopped I’m still looking forward to playing on release. It’s nice to be wrapped up in the wave of excitement and enthusiasm people have on release, it infects you it makes the experience all warm and gooey feeling.

Once again there is a lot of news coming out and new information surfacing about what is planned for release and after. Beforehand they were focused on the mechanics but now that their attention I focused on creating content the schedule has been rather good lately too. More tweaks and additions this month which makes me hopeful for what Firefall will get after release.

Firstly there is a new story entry which extends the lore a little (yes Firefall has lore). So far these have been a short but rather good read, moving on in development though I think they are going to relate a little to the story and structured group content which will be nice.

On the recent Firefall live they took a quick look at the new Blackwater Anomaly area which starts around the 30 minute mark in the video. It looks like an amazing multi-path area for structured groups to tackle and expanding the available PvE content is something I really wanted them to start doing more often (can’t believe I said that). The content they have now is dynamic and fun to do but there is a lack of variety which is slowly improving. Ares missions are a nice thing for the solo player and now we have focused story content for groups. Its all looking very interesting.

Firefall Blackrock Anomaly

Loving the Lighting

Also if you want to hear about some of the new community websites and events watch the beginning bit too.

The melding pocket mechanic may just be in for the weekend as well which is finally starting to use the POI power mechanics like it was envisioned. After fortifying an outpost a machine will become active allowing you to teleport to various places around earth that are connected to them. The one explored in the recent Twitch video was in New Eden and took them to a neat looking facility all the way in Antarctica. The event in here looks INTENSE as it is where you want to go to test your crafted gear (not required though), its completion will give you access to the new instance too. Also, while the environments currently in game are lush and colourful this new mechanic gives them a lot more freedom to create new interesting environments.

Another interesting video that popped up as some talk about a few new rewards and systems like achievements on the Facebook page which will be coming up on release. Stuff like daily login rewards with consecutive rewards giving out amazing fantabulous things.. kind of like that need for speed online game but made it awesome in that a giant crate will fall from the sky and explode gifts. The addition and improvement of item drops was discussed too such as how you can get them and what kind of makes them different from the crafted items.

The “why I love Firefall” video Contest has finished and the winners rounded up. Some if these were actually interesting and worth a look if you’re interested in the game or even know nothing about it.

1st place

2nd place

and several more easy to find videos on YouTube

And finally, a trailer for a live action Firefall bit was released and it’s both amusing and entertaining. It’s never going to be anything remotely popular, I’m not even sure it would be worth the cost of producing since it is unlikely to entice anyone to play or continue to play Firefall. I like it though, it’s completely camp but has a nice old school sci-fi vibe which reminds me of watching Blake 7 as a youngin. And take note Trion, a TV show crossover is sooo a couple months ago.. Try a whole channel like Red 5 next time although watch those infomercials, just as devious as those damn lockboxes.

Anyone have 1.2 million for a battleframe… anyone