Nom Nom shows: Eutopia

Ok, so weird question for a site like this but has anyone seen the T.V show Eutopia yet. The first season aired at the beginning of the year and I only just watched it out of curiosity (and boredom) a couple weekends ago. It never garnered much of a following or media buzz but it really is rather interesting.

The story starts off as typical as they come with a group of people being unknowingly pursued by a strange, secret and powerful organisation which of couse is apparently up to no good. Now seeing this theme for the umpteenth time did not instill any faith to watch the show further and being that the production effects, while good, comes of as more of your backyard cinema type than anything resembling a show from a serious publisher I never thought I would even finish watching the first show let alone the 6 part series. However it is all well thought out and lovingly crafted with the style suiting it perfectly.

It was that damn comic book that drew me in at first, a graphic novel that only a small subset of the population had noticed and even less which had been interested and then seduced by it. A comic book that hides so many secrets, hinting at great catastrophes before they happened and even important events which relate to the characters. It starts off a some sort of murder mystery in a way as you are trying to uncover many of the clues and such that the characters are doing at the same time. Some will be revealed while other will be left to your imagination but the one thing that is sure is that it is worth holding onto, and worth killing for.

The characters of the show are a diverse bunch of societies rejects, a cross-section of British poor and blue-collar society whom are part of the same little internet cliche centered around this mysterious graphical novel. All is normal until the mythical and presumed destroyed second issue comes into one of their hands, it is then the fun begins and their normal boring world crumbles around them thanks in part to two of the best characterized and performed villains I’ve seen in a good while.

They are entirely detached and apathetic from the actions they are doing – it is a job to do for them and morals play no part in it. But it is more than just that, it is the complete lack of emotions belied in their faces and tone while they are committing unspeakable acts of violence that is just so unsettling. Catatonic isn’t the right word for it but it is something very similar to that except it isn’t related to a mental condition, they are human and have these feelings.. it is more like we are beneath them and thus not worth empathising about.

And these acts.. wow.. they are rather infrequent and it isn’t even centered on the mindless gore you would expect but they are shocking in their brutality nonetheless. For some of these you don’t even see it, and instead flash back to the result but every time I felt that pain in my heart that I thought I would only ever feel from one other movie (Pan’s Labyrinth). You don’t even cry, you just sit there stunned in complete silence and replay the event in your head wishing you could scream.

Ominous Words

Ominous Words

It isn’t just these villains who are portrayed and acted perfectly, nearly everyone in the show is enjoyable to watch. Throughout the course of the show the characters and their actions are just so believable in how they approach a situation and how they react to it. However they never get to the stage where I think I would stop being surprised at the twists, turns and nuances of their story and the changes in them, both physically and mentally are a part that has me more enamored with it than the many brilliant themes in brings up that will have you wondering and discussing for weeks after.

And those themes.. There is one overarching theme and message behind the first season that is very relevant to the world we have today and I’m sure just about everyone you talk to will have different things to say about it. I won’t spoil that for you as I really enjoyed the scenes and subsequent developments after it was discovered. This isn’t just it though as it explores many other rather dark and inauspicious themes, as well as many notions of psychology and morality. You will be second guessing their, as well as your own opinions and decisions  often throughout.

The funny thing is though that I don’t think it is a show that most people would enjoy. Looking back I don’t even know if I like the show yet, i enjoyed the experience but that’s not really the same thing. The style of production gives the entire affair some kind of modernised Kubrick film feel and as such I think that this is.. or should be one of those cult underground shows that the masses will never take to but will have a devoted fan base discussing it for years. Another season has already been approved which is nice as it kind of gets a second chance at gaining a little popularity and hopeful it does as I would be very interested in seeing where it all goes from here.

The official website has some good little bits of info as well and even a little quiz to take but maybe go there after you’ve seen the show.