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I began writing a gw2 fan fic… god help us all. This is more an introduction to the story of Eleana and her adventures with two Sylvari children. The original idea was to pen short stories about Eleana’s travels with two children around the world of Tyria in order to teach them and about the events that unfold throughout. A story about motherhood in many ways but also about growth. The introduction has been started but there is still a bit of work to do on it and I’m not yet sure if I should elaborate further in the descriptions of the characters and environments here or later in the story. I also haven’t picked out both of the children’s names quite yet; boy and girl twins but I think that will come as the story progress and I describe them (technical they don’t have names yet as that wasn’t part of the dream, that’s up for them to discover).

Hopefully i can write a few little short stories about their adventures throughout Tyria over the course of the year and I already have a few ideas about what to write. Also a special thanks to @_Laughter’s tweets about pregnancy and her little new born which were probably the catalyst for the idea. I’m also not very good at Guild Wars lore either so if I make mistakes please point them out

The introduction is going to be on its own page here, with the other short stories having their own page. Be gentle though to this newbie fan fiction writer.

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars Fan fic

  1. Sylvari don’t have children. They’re born as adults from whichever of the Pale Trees they come from (two known so far, though we’ve only been to one).

    • Haha yeh I know that but thought why not have a little fun with the lore and stretch it to its bsolutely breaking point. I have pointed out the abnormality of the event and will probably describe the why a little later in more detail.
      I believe it could happen, the pale tree is very adaptability and can give a lot of variability in how the Sylvari grow, different dreams and incorporating surrounding information into itself.

      In terms of being born adult, that would have been what the pale tree knew original, Ronan and his memories were very much the model. Now though, with more information being received into the dreams from the first and second born the pale tree would be aware of children more.

      If it was advantageous to the Sylvari and would help their growth as a race and future born then I don’t see why the tree could not.

      In terms of Sylvari actually growing from childhood to adulthood I’m not sure. We don’t yet know if they age but the fern mastiff, which are assume are either born from the pale tree or some other plant if the grove have a defined growth period from pup to adult.

      At the end of the day though I just thought it would be fun to write

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