KITES are purrrty

Gw2 kiteYep and I regret nothing. This one is even store purchased as I had few hundred gems left over after the transfer and.. meh I don’t need to justify it because kites are awesome. Their hypnotic sway and movements are really rather beautiful, they’re colourful, and riding into battle under a banner of colourful kites is epic. Hmm, there really should be guild kites with your emblem in the centre.  There was even a person in guild which despised them so a group of us spent a good 20 minutes circling him incessantly with these while laughing maniacally…  it was oh so fun and he was quite annoyed. Money well spent.

6 thoughts on “KITES are purrrty

  1. There are guild kites. From

    To obtain a Guild Kite, you must trade a Sun, Wind, or Lightning Kite along with 15 Gold coin to the Kite Maker located next to the Guild Banker in Lion’s Arch. The guild you are representing must have the Guild Armorer Contract in order to make this transaction.

    • Thank you random citizen

      Hmm that’s a but expensive the isn’t it… And they look like a plain tan colour. I would have rather spent 15g just to upgrade my own with the symbol

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