Link Dead Radio: Firefall


  • Bhagpuss has been trying it out recently and there was a post about his fleeting play about a month ago being the more in depth
  • And it even seems Firefall is thawing the frozen heart of Scary world’s who gives a rundown on interesting stuff to do


  • Firefall doesn’t seem to be optimised for multi-threading very well yet… well it is kinda optimised and uses different cores but the way it does palces a bit too much stress on one core. Here’s a work-around you might want which really does improve fps
  • A current project of the Firefall community is creating some sort of program like Eve University, A place where new players can go to have a friendly environment to learn the mechanics. At the moment due to the ridiculous cap on armies(guilds) there is just a spreadsheet with all the players who have offered their services.
  • A group Building a real life Tex Robot. They are taking paypal donations and red 5 will be matching the pledges


They also offered up their priorities for development in Firefall over on the forums and it actually sounds like a great list

1. fixing broken shit

2. more space to roam

3. story fluff



3 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Firefall

  1. Trying to find more time to play Firefall – just have so many MMOs on my plate right now. I was amazed to find the character I made and played when I wrote the piece you linked was still there as a permanent character in Open Beta. Only managed to get in a handful of hours so far but my feeling that it’s potentially a lot of fun is unchanged. Maybe I’ll get to play a bit more this weekend.

    • yeh there actually hasn’t been any wipes at all through the entire beta testing. Resources and suit unlocks remained through.

      Before open beta rolled around old crystite was made redundant and needed to be converted into a new type. It was a good thing I guess as crystite seems to be one of the main currencies now, plus we got to buy awesome freebies with it.

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