Cute Things: Little Inferno

Little Inferno is one of many games I picked up during the steam sales and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is a game entirely about burning toys, nick knacks and random items in a fireplace and while it does have a few gamey systems to it buy that is the complete draw to the game. As Flames engulf my screen while playing I’m reminded of the saying “some people just want to watch the world burn”, and I seem to be one of them.

I don’t know why but fire entrances me in some deep hypnotic way, once started it is just so hard to break that trance which comes from the movements of the fire and just that beautiful glow. I used to burn things rather often as a child, anything I could find that wasn’t valuable often went into fulfilling my insatiable need for fiery destruction. One occasion involved me creating a flame so massive within the family barbecue that the flames were coming out of the top of the chimney and burning the tree above… cue my mother at the time running out screaming something incomprehensible with the fire extinguisher and suffocating my beautiful flame. Somewhere as I grew older that insatiable need declined but it hasn’t been forgotten and Little Inferno lets me relive these simple destructive pleasures once more.


Little Inferno

It would be enough for me to recommend Little Inferno on lure of flames alone but it is actually an extremely cute, humorous, and engaging little game. The setting is some dark, cold town wherein you are burning things for warmth with the aid of a specialty fireplace. Along for the ride is your adorable neighbour who throughout the course of the game will send you rather quaint but disturbing letters… which you of course burn.

It isn’t just these letters as there is a surprising amount of humour throughout, at some points its just your average chuckle at the design of the objects and yet others parts are quite dark. A number of the toys you burn will have a reaction to the flames, it ranges from little jiggly movements to high pitched screams of pain. It isn’t as sadistic as it sounds though as the tone and actions are more  overemphasised and camp so that they aren’t uncomfortable… that little marshmallow is soo cute and so hilarious to burn.

As you play you consistently get new catalogues filled with interesting and hilarious things to burn. Each catalogue seems to have it’s own theme which tend to be rather satirical in how they reference popular items and themes and there are a lot of funny details written in the descriptions. The items are so amusing to find and burn that it keeps you trying to progress in the game by burning as much as you can and discover new combos to unlock things further.

Little Inferno zombie

I really can’t recommended this title enough if you have trapped pyromaniac inside that needs a little attention. I didn’t think it was a title that suited to being on PC and would have loved having it on my android for when I’m traveling to and from work so that I can burn things to keep warm on these cold winter mornings. And what do you know it recently released on most apple products but alas not on my android. Oh well, I may just hook the laptop up to the big screen to bask in the flickering glow some more.


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  1. I used to be that kid who always played with the candle. no matter how nice it was, I would ruin it systematically in all sorts of ways, although heating up different things to cut into or make holes in the wax was preferred. fire is great. and now I think I need to buy this game. argh.

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