Tales from the Meld

Hurray for me as I’ve completed my next big milestone in Firefall. I queued up my Copacabana and Sunken Harbour Arcfolders last night, they take 6 hours to print so I should be able to explore the new areas once I get home tonight. I’m actually really quite excited about it as I’ve been in this same space for some time and now I get to explore more.

It was a bit of an effort to craft these as they require 4k of 4 specific resources and unfortunately I didn’t have that much. I was close though and if the marketplace was actually working for me I would have sold some of my purple resources and then purchased the ones I needed but alas, it seems to stay in an endless loop of updating to sin. Some guild members even offered to send it my way, but since there is no personal trade (come on Red 5 this function is important) and I didn’t want them to put it through the marketplace as it wasn’t guaranteed to get to me. There were some issues with the east coast servers last night so that might have been it, hopefully they can improve the connection and ui issues as it has become an Important part of play.

I declined and thought to farm it myself, so this weekend involved rounding off these numbers by thumping. A few of the materials were rather easy to find. After a couple full thumps at one spot an entire incursion decided to plop down nearby. A number of people turned up to send them back to the melding and afterwards I plopped a bigger personal thumper and incited those who hung around to help out and gave them group invites in order to compensate.

Lastly I needed to find some radine, and after shard hopping a few times I found a nice vein up north near the Esqueleto Beach watchtower. Of course it was next to the melding so to make it easier I switched onto the engi. After a couple thumps a random player popped by and started helping out with the killing. I just can’t resist inviting to my squad while thumping, I know they will then share the total resources from the vein but it makes it quicker and it is just the friendly thing to do.

After I sent the stock back I dropped down a personal 1 to increase the challenge a little. He was a new player but I thought why not and wow was it tough. Most of the thump went well and the integrity stayed high but, in the background the chosen were taking over the watchtower. I thought we were going to have time to finish this one thump, the strike force juggernaut sent a few pot shots our way but they fell short. I forgot about them as the rhythm of the thump took over, then that big 70% spawn wave happened and all hell broke lose. A couple of siege breakers pounded us and the thumper, a few juggernauts kept shelling, and chosen shock troops pew pewing everywhere.

My turrets went down very fast and both our health started dropping. We were bounding around, dodging and shooting for what felt like forever and finally we came out on top and felled the last chosen. The thumper was resting just over 10% and only needed another 15% till full capacity, I felt exhilarated and relieved that we had beat it. My partner here commented “crazy” indicating he felt the same and then I heard that unmistakable whirring sound.. No, it couldn’t be. I glanced over to the watchtower and it was fully under chosen control now and the sound could only mean one thing, a drop pod coming to reinforce their position.

I watched for a second, hoping to get the thumper to 100% for the bonus, but sure enough, a drop pod slammed into the ground within a stones throw from the thumper. I started running towards it knowing what was going to happen, frantically activating it’s recall. Then the chosen entered and I watched in horror as the integrity of the thumper tick down. COME OOOOON I SCREAMED! It was nearing it’s ascent, the jets were activating and then boom. I think I died a little inside. I did my best “nooooooo” Vader impression over squad chat and my new friend laughed.

After that mess up we tried to take back the watchtower, dying to the multiple groups of rank 3 chosen a couple of times, laughing the whole time about our relative noobness and eventually we were triumphant. He bade me a farewell, added each other as friends and I went off to complete one more thump before returning to the printers at Copacabana in order to refine and combine what I needed to craft my new Arcfolders. After all that, I don’t know why but what I’ve just crafted feels far more meaningful and rewarding to me. It wasn’t just the time and effort of the grind but the experiences that went into making it.


2 thoughts on “Tales from the Meld

  1. I had a quite similar experience just last night – initially a couple of us banded together at a good Radine spot with a Personal 1 and that was going well. After the spot dried out we moved on and started thumping in another spot, for other material.

    After a while we decided we should perhaps try the stock Squad Thumper (there were 3 of us) and see what that was like – and be ready to bail out if things got bad.

    The squad one was definitely tougher and thumper integrity was dropping, but we waited a bit to get as much out of it as we good. Then we saw a lot of orange indications moving our way – a Chosen strike team was heading just in our way…

    There were 2 other players nearby also and they jumped in for a bit in the fight, we managed to fedn off the strike team and then came the thumper “big” spawn and things got really hairy – saw that thumper was at 10%, so I headed towards it to send it off – even more mobs came and hit it and when it finally was sent off the integrity was down to 1%…

    Resource gathering can be quite intense in this game 🙂

    • The extra reward for full capacity is a really nice touch. It’s that whole risk v reward decision that makes it really quite intense at times as you really really want to complete it but you are so worried about losing your equipment. it creates some memorable experiences.

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