Pocket Full of Crystite

Yay, more space to roam in Firefall now and oh do I live to roam. With my 2 new Arcfolders completed I am now able to visit these places when I want for a change of scenery or to chase that sweet sweet purple stuff.

The Copacabana Arcfolders takes you to a place called Diamond Head, it isn’t the most pleasant of places due to being on top of an active volcano. The the rivers of lava create an interesting space to play in though as your jumping across rocks and such. The visuals are rather interesting too and they have created a bit of detail in the environment with the multiple levels.

The Sunken Harbour Arcfolder takes you to the frozen wilderness of Antartica. I usually find winter zones to be a bit boring and Antartica doesn’t feel much different, most of it is the usual expanses of white with a few frozen outcrops. The remnants of a shipping yard and train freight station left behind create an interesting space though, it all hints very well at how the apocalypse devastated much of the world yet left pieces behind untouched. It is really only a corruptive force on living beings, kind of like a sentient virus.

At first I thought the zones were rather small, looking at the map gives the impression of a confined space but there is a decent amount of area to play in. By ferrying melded crystite into the generators you unlock more and more of space. From what I saw putting around 5k in sends up a beam of light which pushes back the melding for around 30 minutes of time. They are kind of like those old parking meters as you can keep putting crystite into these for more time, forget though and the melding folds back around you meaning deatb and a quick trip back to copa.

The one part that surprised me was that these areas are still a shared public space that employs the same shard mechanic to break people up . For some reason I was expecting separate instances for groups but it’s good to see they followed on with making this more exclusive area a social experience. In my first visit I came across a couple randomly thumping on a hill top and joined in and on other times I always came across other people doing certain busy work like killing mobs and collecting crystite.

The main thing to do in these zones is more thumping of course. The resource pool in these pockets has a median quality a little higher than new Eden so it’s great for crafting or even selling on the auction house. The quantity seems excellent as well with many spots adding up to be very close to 100%. The difficulty of the thumps aren’t to bad either, I think they are a little harder due to the mob types but very similiar to a regular New Eden thump. A few new creatures come by to say hello, those fire breathing lizards are a bit easier to fight then Terrorclaws but still fun. I think for a time I might just thump in these pockets as I’m up to stage 2 turrets on the Bastion and rake in the money. Might even see if I can solo a personal 1 rather than stock.

There are a few events that go on in these zones, it’s nothing like the usual variety available just the roaming bandits, chosen squads, and an occasional drop pod. In the Diamond Head zone they do tend to be harder, lots more elite pewing with lasers but still manageable.

In Antartica there is a special event started by players involving the defense of valuable supply crates. In our full group it was rather fun with the waves of mobs, it definitely got a bit crazy sometimes but still manageable. There is one big wave of enemies near the end that gets extremely hectic although I believe we only had one person go down in all our runs. The main reason to do it is gaining your key to the blackwater instance, we didn’t get one but it still felt worthwhile as it rewards good exp and a nice chunk of resources. There were a few randoms helping out too and they got similiar rewards which is nice. I think once people get used to the blackwater instance and a bit more geared up then one of the other melding pockets will get a similiar event.

I just hope the next one doesn’t have a voice over as bad.. Seriously it’s painful the first time.

*EDIT* just realised there is an event in each Melding pocket. You need a fragment of each Event to craft the Key for the Blackwater instance