Teaser Time


New open beta trailer that looks pretty dang cool, and I love the soundtrack behind it as well. Doesn’t show anything that interesting although it does give videos of all the content in the world at the moment including the melding pockets and the blackwater Instance



Ok so I’m officially back in love with the title. I was worrying quite a bit  because of certain write-up, but by god is it looking epic. What’s the hold up Trion.. just translate it around us while we’re playing.. I don’t mind. Hmm may just try to get into the new Japanese open Beta


Black Desert

After a long stretch with little more than a couple of pictures there are 2 new pretty videos to devour

And this one

Also some intrepid individuals have also scouted out what looks like the foundation for the new Black Desert Website

4 thoughts on “Teaser Time

  1. I’ve been keeping an eye on ArcheAge for a while. Hope it lives up to the promise but I’m a little concerned with some of the things I’ve been hearing too.

    Was never interested in Firefall really, though the video does make it look fun. I may check it out now it’s in open beta.

    Love the new look of the site by the way!

    • I have high hopes for Archeage, like a lot of people but I’m really concerned how closely they’re straddling the Themepark side. If it ends up being a progression grinder I think I’ll just scream, record it and that will be my review =p.

      Firefall does a lot of things right that I really wish others would have. Complex and meaningful crafting, a growing economy that want stagnate anytime soon, and their plans for dynamic contents is very interesting.

      You’re playing the foundation of the game as it is right now, but it seems like enough for me. if you do pop by in Firefall give me a shout out and I can show you around. Eriena in game.

      • Well, I’ve downloaded it and hopped in briefly. No idea what’s going on so I’m going to have to do some reading… Keep getting weird SIN connection issues too.

      • /rui is your friend. reset the hud usually helps.. What’s the issue?

        Oh and I’ll be in in about an hour if you need me in game

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