A Dialogue of Dissent

It should be no surprise right now that I looooove a good rant from time to time but I don’t just like writing them, I like reading them as well. It’s not all rainbows and puppies in the land of Tyria at the moment with many voicing dissent about nearly all aspects of the game so there are a glut of rants out there to indulge on. Now we see a lot of QQ in every mmo but I’ve never really seen it this focused with a large population before, usually it is surrounding a singular aspect but this time the issue seems to be at the core of what Guild Wars 2 has become as well as a general malaise regarding the direction of the mmo genre. It is obviously not just the vocal minority this time.. well not entirely, as there seems to be many people supporting the same message across the blogs, reddit, game sites, and on the forums.
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