An Evening of Events in the Meld

On Saturday was my first ever involvement in an actual community event in Firefall and it was a blast, I even helped with the organisation a little by creating a group… FEAR my amazing extrovert skills! We ventured unto the Melding pockets as a coordinated group in order to complete the defense events that gives a chance of rewarding the fragments needed to craft your own key into the Blackwater instance. It went well for most people and after 3 hours (yep, antartica took 2 or more on its own) every one left with their 3 fragments.

The events themselves are rather simple, defend certain pieces from waves of monsters… The typical survival mode encounter with a timer ticking down. You win if a certain number of the objects survive and I think the rewards scale up depending on how many you saved from destruction. While there is a standard pattern to the events there is a certain amount of randomness to it as well with how many mobs spawn, from which direction, and when so you really have to pay attention. They all have that chaotic feel to them of bounding around killing things and dodging incoming fire that most events do; it is a good thing to have a well formed group with a mix of the classes and to play as a team but with numbers it’s probably possible regardless of group makeup and gear levels. Each have differences in the style of the event and their own specific type of challenge to it too based on the terrain and what you are protecting. The ones I did do I really enjoyed, the were engaging throughout combat with enough variation, the rewards were decent, and it was just really nice playing as a community not just a guild.

Here’s an amazing recap of the Antarctica Event and you might just see my glowy Dragonfly jumping around. You can actually detach the camera from your character to look from another’s point of view or just free roam which enables some absolutely marvelous footage.. Might even give it a go when taking screenshots.

Anyway here’s the video

There has always been a lot of community events in Firefall like LGV destruction derbies, ultimate glider competitions, and heavy thumper days. The usual and most prominant has always been the Baneclaw runs, a player initiated event that basically involves vanquishing a world boss. I’ve only stumbled on this once, had no idea what was going on and died rather quickly to it. Huge scary looking bug though.

Big Bad Ass Bug

Big Bad Ass Bug

Recently there have many events forming for these Melding pockets but they have nearly always been events for NA players. The time difference is usually to great which means I’ve never had a chance to be fully involved. Now though it seems us oceanic players can enjoy these larger content experiences too as a little mini community seems to be forming. Last weekend was the first of a (hopeful) weekly event schedule specifically for oceanic players…next week BaneClaw then hopefully alternating on a bi weekly schedule between the melding pockets and bug runs so new players can easily enjoy these events too.

It is an interesting way that Red 5 have created these events as they always seem to be strong focal points for the community. The melding pockets can be done with a coordinated group but it always turns into a more the merrier kind of thing. The 30 person limit in each shard creates some issues but it mostly works out. Baneclaw though is always a huge fight. It requires a lot of resources to craft the tool needed to summon the beast and not everyone or guild can manage it.. Especially not if your only a now and then player. So rather than just horde the event to themselves the community hosts Baneclaw events a couple times a month.

It surprised at first that everyone wasn’t in some sort competition to get these kills, usually such things would be camped by specific guilds. It drops certain gear items but only sporadically, all that is in it for people is a nifty hat after you have the 20 kill achievement (yes those). Most of the regular players already have this and yet they continue with running these events.

If you are interested the bigger site is Bone busters, you should always check the forums for events too. I’m interested to see where the community takes Firefall as well as what other Events they develop for the open world.