Beeing a Twit

No, the title is not referring to my recent rants although they do make me look like a twit. Sorry about that, I can’t promise change because that’s the way I feel but I will try and balance it between some more positive pieces… Maybe.

Aaaaanyway, I’ve been doing the whole Twit thing in Twitter a lot more lately and posting interesting links, videos and such I find there. At the moment this has pretty much replaced my Link Dead Radio round up posts as I find it an easier medium to share these things. But I’ve come to realise that not everyone uses twitter… Yes my head is that far up my *ahem*, how far I’ve come.

So just wondering if you’re happy to go on twitter to see these or want me to round up these links every week in an easy to digest blog type format.


3 thoughts on “Beeing a Twit

  1. The problem I find with Twitter is that there is a pretty big chance that many of your followers may miss something you tweet, depending on what time you post it, how active they are on Twitter, how much stuff they have in their news feeds, etc.

    Not that more work is exactly what a blogger wants to hear, but perhaps you could do a “twitter roundup” style post that includes everything you’ve retweeted throughout the week, with a brief explanation of why they appealed to you? I’ve been doing something similar on my geekparent blog, and while I’m not sure everyone reads them or finds them enjoyable, I at least know that every one of my readers gets a chance to see it, as opposed to those few who happen to be on twitter at the right time.

    Good luck with the decision 🙂

    • Yeh that’s what I thought.. TY for the input =)

      Well I was blogging them but not tweeting them, then I just started only tweeting them. And now it’s just a jumbled style of both and neither.

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