Camelot Unchained Update

In case you haven’t seen it Camelot Unchained has had a new update on its Kickstarter page and there are a few interesting morsels to indulge.

And if you want the TL:DR

The development team has gained a couple of new members. A producer, gameplay engineer, and community manager.

Starting a roadmap development style log similar to Planetside 2 that let’s everyone see the direction of current development and maybe have a handful on guiding it later on in a more defined way then forum polls.

  • At the moment they are focused on creating the server code that will form the basis for the game.
  • Updating the website
  • Continued work on the building system
  • Fleshing out the stories and art of the current and new races.

Also there is concept for a the Hamadryads race. The typical nature type race but they have taken a few design ideas from the GW2 Sylvari and created another rather unique race. They primarily take their cues from Moths but also add a couple features from plants and flowers.


5 thoughts on “Camelot Unchained Update

  1. AAAARRRRGHHH! Moth people! I bloody well HATE moths!

    Damn things always sneaking into my room when I leave a window open so they can terrorize my gaming in the middle of the night by dive bombing the back of my head to get to my monitor. Bloody nuisance.

    Already moth people sound like a bloody terrible idea, but then they had to to go and combine them with planet people! Already the sylvari rank in in the #1 spot in my list of Most Terrible Attempts At Creative Race Making in Video Games, but this might just bump them down to the 1.5 slot.

    • Yes moths are kinda yucky flappy creatures of nightmares. They also got modelled a bit after butterflies and certain insects but I do get that moth vibe from the character models. But look at it, soooo beautiful and purty.

      I do love races that take cues from nature but I’ve always hated those dang tree elves. And don’t you dare bad mouth the Sylvari again in my presence or by gosh I’ll find a way to ban you =p. Sylvari are awesome, elegant and adorable… End of discussion.

      • I haven’t had any internet access for damn near a week, but I just can’t let timeliness stand in the way of good old fashioned ranting.

        I bloody hate the sylvari. In pretty much every capacity. Everything about them irritates me.

        At least before the redesign I could easily ignore them. I wrote them off as what my friend calls ‘Korean Appeasement Races’ i.e. cutesy, anime-esque shit designed to appeal to asian audiences like the alt character models in EQ2. Which was something I could live with and just ignore. I’ve never demanded that absolutely everything appeal to me in a game after all.

        But then the redesign went public and oh gods how obnoxious was that. I remember all the verbal fellatio that was going around the Guru forums and I cringe at the recollection. All for green elves with funky hair, tron lines, and underwear made of cabbage.

        And they damn well are elves, they fit the narrative niche that has come to be affiliated with elves extremely well. Fey, nature oriented, moral, good, etc. But would anyone admit it? Hells no! (Except Syp as I recall, since his hatred for elves extends far enough to counter all pointy-eared things.)

        But, of course, those are mostly issues with the circle jerking tools surrounding the game and not with the sylvari themselves. So now we get down to the bits I really loathe.

        I hate how the sylvari are presented in the game and the lore. It’s so obnoxious that the sylvari are, almost to a sapling, presented as the only sensible, good people in the whole fucking world. With Destiny’s Edge, who’s the member who isn’t entirely wrapped up in petty squabbles? The tree. Oh, the Orders are the most powerful fucking forces on the planet and the only thing that stand a chance of winning against the dragons? Well too bad they all hate each other for vaguely fucking defined reasons! But oh, wait here’s some talking shrubbery out of nowhere that unites everyone because it’s destiny or some shit and he’s got a sword that some other tree gave him.

        Even the incidental stuff is like this. Like that dude by the crafting area in LA that basically says “I want this one thing but I don’t want to deal with a bunch of complete cunts to obtain it. Who should I buy from?” and the answer is, of course, the sylvari.

        It feels like I’m playing someones fanfic at times. Like the writers were so completely up their own asses with glee about their bloody cabbage elves that they just had to go sodding everywhere in the game and always be the solution to everything. They’re always the noble, right thinking people in every situation, even though they’re ‘naive’ and ‘inexperienced’, for no reason other than author fiat.

        It’s just as bad as Metzen’s idea that Thrall is the solution to everything in WoW and that all evil comes from good people being ‘corrupted’ by something else. It becomes so pervasive that it makes the world and story and everything feel like a total farce.

        And that’s terrible, because they really could have done some cool stuff with the sylvari. They could have played up the inhuman aspect of them. Made them not really understand the values of other people because all their morals and values come stamped onto their leafy soul via the tablet thing. Maybe they wouldn’t understand the fear of death that other races have because of their shared dream state. Maybe the bloody Pale Tree could have kept it’s mouth shut and been something enigmatic and something not totally of this world instead of some bint with a special hairdo.

        To paraphrase Yahtzee, they just a little step from being really really good, but no. They opted for the great big jump down into the rotating knives and they fucked it up. So instead of something that could have been really unique and interesting we got something obnoxious that the writers love to jerk off to.

        That’s why I hate the bloody sylvari.

        P.S. I also though that making them LGBT-whatever ‘friendly’ was a bit, well, insulting frankly. But let’s leave that for another time.

        P.P.S. On that note, I’ve always found it funny that they went so far as to make the sylvari LGBT friendly, but neglected to to include any preset faces for the human girls that looked like anything but white people and asians. Very amusing.

      • Welcome back! Nothing should stand in the way of a good rant and this one is amazing.

        Hey now, the gw2 guru forums were always a den of  self indulged sycophants and I won’t argue that they lapped up the Sylvari redesign and promptly ejaculated all over the internet. I actually think I’ve pointed out there insanely biased attitude a couple times on this blog..has it gotten any better there?

        I must be part Korean then as I always love these races and the Sylvari a lot more than most (have you seen my fluffy Popori). I think I’ve always had an interest in elves, and that general ideology but I have never liked that cliche image. So reskinned elves are ok to me, just don’t want those pointy eared bustards. Irrational maybe but oh well.

        They did take on that arrogant persona a little too far though, and it’s ok if you do go there and long as you show the nuances in characters and personalities. For all intensive purposes Spock is a elf but due to the conflicts and the ways he differentiates himself it makes him an amazing character. They could have gone there but they didn’t although I think that’s more to do with Arenanet’s storytelling abilities then any sort of all encompassing bias towards the tree people. Every race is very much a stereotypical characterisation with little to no nuance… Short and crazy, war like animalistic race, noble humans, spiritual nords.

        I’ve read this ideas about wow and the thrall, that really is quite interesting. I think that because of the redesign that the Sylvari did play more heavily in the story than originally planned. In most gaming media circles the Sylvari received a lot of acclaim so naturally they wanted to benefit fully from this. I don’t think the taint is as bad as the wow analogy but it definitely made a difference.

        I also think it’s a little bit of confirmation bias here, you hate elves (legitimately) with a passion and this colours your view point. It isn’t as bad as you claim but still rather obnoxious.

      • I actually love elves, but only when they’re done well. Which admittedly is bloody rare. I can only really think of three examples really: LotR, Warhammer, and Star Trek. I have varying degrees of annoyance with pretty much every other depiction I can think of.

        Elves in say, D&D, EQ, and the like are just so boring. There’s nothing interesting about throwing ears, old age, magic, and trees into a pot and then setting the creative stove to “Giant, Holier-Than-Thou Arseholes”. There has to be other ingredients and preparation done as well. Shame that with the sylvari those extra bits turned out to be “writer mandate to always be the most moral and high thinking person in any random group” and “childishness, but the cute kind, not the kind that makes people want to throttle kids for being selfish pricks”.

        Really, the sylvari just exist at an intersection of things I firmly dislike. Though what really sticks in my craw is the way they’re used and presented in the lore. As I said on the official forums months ago,

        “It really is terrible that the sylvari look a whole hell of a lot more alien and strange than the lore actually makes them. There is a lot of cool tropes and ideas that could be used with a ‘new’ species emerging into an already realized world, but I don’t really see them used to any great effect.

        The only conceit I see with any regularity is the idea that they are ‘naive.’ Which I despise. Naive carries too many connotations of childishness and, by proxy, innocence, both of which have an annoying tendency to be used as a shield against criticism for when characters are acting like utter berks. […]

        A better descriptor would have been ‘ignorant.’ The sylvari are ignorant of the world at large and the sociopolitical working of the other major races. But we don’t really see that with anywhere. The trait isn’t nearly as pronounced as the norns “beer and everlasting glory” line of thinking, or the asurans “mad science & poltical backstabbing will win the day” theme, or even the charrs “we love meat/fighting/shooting thing and hate gods” schtick.

        Instead, for some reason, the sylvari often seem to come off as vaguely noble. Not for any real reason mind, but just as a kind of generality. It gives them a kind of haughty “we’re better than you” vibe”

        I really loathe seeing ideas that have quite a lot of good potential for interesting and largely unique storytelling and world building getting used in such a humdrum and dull fashion. Add that on top of all the other things that really push my buttons; obnoxious fans, bad story, writers who are too in love with their own shit; and you have the perfect storm of bullshit to really get under my skin.

        As for the other things: I don’t know about how Guru is anymore. I stopped going there ages before the game even launched because I kept getting my posts deleted by mods who weren’t following the spirit of their own rules. It’s probably just as bad, if not worse. It’s a shame, cause there are a few people there like Faer and Corsair who seem like genuinely cool guys.

        Also, the popori don’t come under the header of ‘Korean Appeasement’. The term was coined to only apply to character design options being added to a western game to solely, or at least largely, to appeal to eastern gamers (and weeaboos). TERA is not a western game and thus, cannot qualify.

        As a side note, my berserker in TERA was a popori. Cute as a button. Shame the actual game was such an pile of utter drek. But, like the insulting patronization I mentioned last post, that is a rant for another time.

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