Link Dead Radio – Firefall, Eve and other stuffz

Due to a little feedback I thought I might continue on with this and now that I’m actively thinking about doing it I might not lose interesting posts and articles as often >_<

Firefall Stuffz

A ding world rounds up a lot of the music in Firefall and there are some really nice tracks here.

Bhagpuss of Inventory Full posts about the joys of exploration in Firefal

Hoversprint is a new Firefall website focusing on the PvP side

Check out Thump Dump Db for a Firefall Armory, just need to use the addon first and it tracks just about everything

This advanced Thumping guide on the forums goes into some interesting details about the resource pools

A weekly LGV Destruction Derby with a 100k crystite reward

There was also an AMA on over at Reddit today that didn’t really tell us much other than they are still iterating on events, the open world PvP thingy area is their next big focus, and crafting will pretty much stay the same just with more functionality and recipes

I only just saw this recent review by the Hive Mind over the week and think it’s hilarious. If you ahven’t checked out this youtuber you really should as his reviews are both interesting, a good judge of the initial play and freeeeekin hilarious

Other Stuffz

Keen and Graev don’t want to be given a story… preeeeeeety much what everyone’s been saying

Amazing FFXIV photoshoped screenshots on this flickr set

Eve recently had a huge battle between two conglomerate forces in a system called Fountain that had over 4000 pilots. I’m not interested in playing Eve that much but I love reading about all these war stories and the politics that go on behind the scene. I’m sure there are other sources for it but the only one I read that posts in depth information about Eve events is at the The ancient gaming noob, posts about how the war proceeded, the forces involved, and some amusing proganda that was getting developed.

eve fwar

Amusing post about Ash Ketchum being the worst Pokemon trainer at The Buzzer Show

The Jimquisition rants about Fee to play and it’s insidious hold on our industry

OOOH! and these were the thumping pictures I put up in twitter… purrrty