Everquest Next Blogger Round-Up

A round up of all the blogs I’ve read recently that having something to say about the recent EQ Next reveal, and there are quite a few because I’m cukoo crazy. Sorry if I missed you.

  • Gaming SF – Partial on the combat system, interested in the events, and awed by the environment
  • Ardwulfs Lair – Muses on the core mechanics.. combat, creation, and player actions. *update* has a few new posts with notes from the Q&A panels
  • Aggronaught – Is intrigued by the voxels and wonders about the possibilities
  • Spinksville – explains How to create a successful Sandbox by creating a world people want to live in
  • ECTMMO – gives some general opinions


  • Herding Cats – has a quick talk about armor style and the tech
  • Far Beyond My Capacity – has a couple concerns about the destructibility and their decision making abilities considering many of those past blunders
  • Hardcore Casual – As usual he’s Cynical regarding anything not named Darkfall
  • In An Age – Has one of the best critical analysis of the announcement and certain issues he see’s with  the Dynamic World

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