A Path to Progression in Firefall

It has been a good week of fun in Firefall and it feels like I’m steadily making progress. I’m still thumping, knocking out ares missions and any other events I find. Each night there are a few of the guild on too so it’s always an enjoyable experience roaming as a group.

Melding Mayhem

We went into Sargossa Sea again as a group but this time we spent a little more time in there. We tested our group of four with a few squad thumps and they seemed challenging but fun. The waves of monsters were more consistent which kept the action high but not too crazy. Your constantly having to watch the repulsors though as those pesky chosen like putting bombs on them. Let them go too long and boom, then it’s either run like a maniac or a quick death to the purple death cloud closing in around you.

During the down times I got to explore a little and take a few nice pictures. I really like this area and it has to be my favourite melding pocket area so far. The colour palette is more vibrant and diverse then the others which makes it more enjoyable to stay in, and I just like that overgrown nature style of areas. I know they are planning to expand these zones later on until they’re the size of New Eden and I hope this one will be the first.

Firefall Sargossa Sea

Bane Buster

I had my first organised Run against the monster of a bug that us Baneclaw on Friday Night, the first of many it seems. If you’ve ever noticed that little melding anomaly sign on the map out in the purple death cloud well, that is it. At first you need to activate the repulsors by using a certain crafted device (soon to use melded Crystite I believe). There are two of these on the northern shore, each for a certain position and this then pushes back the melding for 5 minutes which will basically be the enrage timer for the encounter.


Then you venture into the area and activate a crafted item called a M.A.N which requires an insane amount if resources. Baneclaw then pops out to say hello and knocks everyone back. The first time I did the fight I died soooo many times and it seemed like a tough encounter this time though it was ridiculously easier. We beat the bug around 3 times that night but it still seems like the rewards are bugged so everyone but the person who owned the M.A.N received nothing substantial from it.

Firefall Banebusters

It was still fun to do with all these people and watching everyone jump around dodging, flailing, and being knocked around a bit. I think everyone had an enjoyable experience and for those newbies out there it still would have been a crazy experience with all those little Terrorclaws rolling around and that huge aoe blast. Even though we got nothing much out of it there was still enough good will to have a little impromptu dance party.

Firefall Dance

Battleframe Bonanza

My Frames are coming along really well now too, one main being fleshed out and a few suits. My favourite is still the dragonfly and that’s where most of my research unlocks have gone. I can now craft stage 3 bio-rifles, siphon plating, healing wave, and healing ball. In a Blackwater run I managed to find a chosen tier 3 armor piece that put me at around 1900 health. I’m a freekin tank now (or feel like one sometimes) in Ares missions. I just need to stop dying so much and be more careful otherwise it’s not going to last very long.

I also have my first 2 blue unlocks completed and on the way for a third. I have enough Bipolymer saved up now from thumping and friendly guildies but I’m still held hostage by the Crystite shortage. I need it for crafting, I use a lot in research, and there is heaps needed for my progression unlocks… 14k each unlock on that first row, then 30, then 50. So this week will be running Ares missions more often and praying for some invasions. It is slow steady progress that way, I might even see if I can play the market a little for some quick dollars by crafting pieces.

My Bastion farming frame has some sweet tier 3 multi-turrets which enable an easy afk thump, I have tier 2 heavy turrets researched but I’m aiming for 3. The good thing about having multiple frames is that I tend to find a lot of items whole roaming and doing group play on the Dragonfly they all can use in some way and the Bastion has been the luckiest. Armor, weapons, servos, and a swanky purple Sentinel Pod that is more like a bug zapper then a repair module. Personal thumper one is going to be a breeze.

Progress on the Recon and Tigerclaw as been rather slow so far. They each have some upgrades now too but they aren’t as easy to gain exp at this stage as the Bastion is. There single target damage and squishy nature makes them a harder frame for solo play but we’ll get there. I actually really like a lot if the frames and maybe eventually will have 1 of each that I can switch between when needed although I doubt I could ever keep them all in top-tier gear and unlocks, that’s insane but hopefully I can have 2 or 3 awesome suits eventually. The Recon would be one as I like it’s sniping style.. Just need another.

The other barrier that’s really holding me back right now is DNA. I have a lot of Arahna but those damn Hisser and Thresher never seem to drop them. The hissers aren’t too bad, they have quite a few hives along Cerrado plains and down north, out of the dozens you kill from these your bound to get a few. I’ve been thumping in these spots as well regardless of the material type too and get a handful each time, soon with the Personal 1 I’ll be getting even more. Those thresher are much rarer and harder to find though, the forest areas are ok but there’s never many. I found out the Sargossa Sea melding pocket has a few too but still not enough to really farm. The best way seems to be squad thumping, always lots of thresher then but you have to share the DNA unfortunately.

Also I bought a new ride, It’s purple and its sooo purrrtty. Note to cash shops out there, if it’s purple there is probably a good chance I’ll buy it… it also helps if it makes me go fast too. haha…I don’t think it would take a genius to guess which Planetside 2 faction I picked.

Firefall Purple LGV