Questing in the Queens Jubilee

It’s funny but after this patch hit with our new holiday event and monthly homework assignments I felt an unmistakable urge to uphold the honour of those upset with the current development trends. It felt like my duty in the blogging realm was to champion the cause against disposable content and the inherent evils that have gone with it lately. It would be terrible easy to continue on with the same rants as by all accounts we were getting the same sort of content, at the same pace, with the same mechanics, and the same achievement grind.

It would be easy and still is easy to make that same argument, a large forum thread popped up nearly straight away that sums up those growing concerns rather nicely and which Jeromai of Why I Game gives a good post directed at the developers response. Another to champion the cause before they too burn out. I’m a little tired of that for now as it seems to taint my thoughts further into cynicism, so this time I endeavored to try the update with a change of heart.

And to be honest….I really enjoyed it. See I’m not always the Grinch who steals fun from unsuspecting gamers. I am going to miss this content immensely when it disappears to make room for another badly connected and irrelevant event, so much so that I actually want to try it all before it goes.
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