CoD Multiplayer is getting Female Customisation

Soo in an effort to celebrate even the small achievements in our gaming culture I proclaim to thee that the new cod will have female Characters available in multiplayer… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! An interview at Kotaku shares a few of the tentative reasons why it had never happened in previous iterations of the game if your interested.

Coming away from the Gamescon reveal I was not really impressed at all but this time, regardless of the reasons I think I’m duty bound by some sort of girl gamer code now to buy it. It’s been a long time since my last one though, way too long as there was never enough reason to buy into their annual clones. Playing this though is just going to make me want female characters in Battlefield 4 even more… two steps forward yet one foot always firmly planted in the past as always.

Also I have one thing to say to those campaigning against this under the guise of “realism” and immersion. (excuse the language) Fucking suck it ahahahahahah

OOOOOH, I was feeling remarkable silly  (might have been a weeee nip of vodka) and rewrote a part of Martin Luther Kings infamous “I have a dream” speech

I have a dream that one day this media will rise up and live up to its true potential in the truth that all gamers are created equal.

I have a dream that one day we will run and gun on the hills and valleys of Arma with those of the misogynist and chat together as clans people.

I have a dream that one day, even in the land of fantasy, a land overburdened with plate mail bikinis and objectification that we will be reborn into a paradise of subtlety and choice.

I have a dream that one day we will play in a global space where gamer’s will not be judged by the shape of their genitalia but by the contents of their steam library.

That is my dream

6 thoughts on “CoD Multiplayer is getting Female Customisation

  1. *hastily tries to shove games like Magical Diary, Secret of the Magic Crystals, Analogue: A Hate Story, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Hot Dish, Pizza Frenzy, Plant Tycoon and Virtual Villagers under a rug*

    What? What?!

    • It’s also much easier for smaller companies to take the apparent risk of having playable female avatars. There’s a couple big shooters that do it as well that I’m forgetting, pretty sure it is possible in that latest halo too.

      I just mean in the sense of the pillars of the genre making the step forward. The big name games from the big name companies who just thought it was another feature of many, and a low priority one at that.

      It’s bringing it more into the mainstream where it has faced some hefty backlash to anyone even suggesting it. Seriously, go have a look on the battlefield forums where “girls don’t play games and should be in the kitchen” is still a legitamate argument supported by the majority.

      It’s an acknowledgement of these mainstream companies and games that females are a decent sized demographic and worth developing for.

      It’s a message to those playing these big games that women belong here. The amount of times even I, who don’t play them that much, have been accosted and belittled just because I exist in their apparent game space are too many to bother counting.

      It’s more important then you would think, but far less than is needed.

      • T’was more of a lighthearted reference to your second last sentence regarding gamers not judged by their gender but by the contents of their Steam library. I keep all kinds of strange specimens in there. 🙂

      • Haha oops. That part was a little joke relating to stem badges and levels now but I won’t really judge you on that… or will I?

  2. My first thought: “now already?” I mean seriously, what took them so long? And are there really people around who are against female characters in wargames? Geesh, in what age do these people live? Someone should wake them up and break the news to them, that there are actually women in the army as well. *gasp*

    “…not be judged by the shape of their genitalia but by the contents of their steam library.” Brilliant! xD

    • You would be surprised about how many oppose it based on really quite silly reasons. The latest I heard and lol’ed at was people feeling uncomfortable and disturbed by killing female avatars… Really? In a game about murdering people with excess gore where you basically commit genocide at times and that is too much.

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