Link Dead Radio: Grrrls and Games

The Stuffz

  • The Humble Origin Bundle is absolutely amazing. Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Burnout, and a couple of others and all the proceeds are going to has made over 6 million so far.
  • The Critical Miss Cartoon over at the Escapist has a had a couple of really funny but poignant cartoons about how to talk about games. Here’s the recent one… definitely worth a look.

and as a side to that @Gypsy_Syl also linked to this old Post from the Border House about needing more amoral Women

  • Leigh Alexander wrote an article over at Gamasutra comparing the issues the industry has now to the grrrrls and grunge movement of the 80’s. I’m not going to lie, it is a rather confused and convoluted essay (yeh, it’s that long) but I think the general idea is a good one. It could have/ and has been summed up in a sentence though.. diversity and indie is good, corporations bad.
  • The second of a series of posts looking at gender and game mechanics  over at Gaming as Women is out. An interestinjg look at how the genders approach problems of mediation during role play.
  • In an ask the dev segment the Firefall Devs answered questions regarding the direction of the instances. We will be visiting more melding pockets as part of events, the tornado area is getting a rework to be like pacman, and a hard mode version of the Blackwater instance
  • An in-depth talk with the developer about the birth of his company and of a charming new game/idea/way of life called Doki Doki Universe, an interconnected universe where you explore morality, personality, and humanity. The video is bellow but I don’t think it truly captures what they are aiming for the game to be, that is to say it doesn’t just sound like it is going to be a facebook game.
  • Also the debate raged on my Game of grind post and got into the nitty gritty of the economy and inflation in guild wars. Most of it just went WOOOOOOOOSSSSHHH over my head

The Vids

Ass Creed

Guillermo del Toro geeking out over gundam’s in Tokyo



Doki Doki Universe

and an awesome round up over at gamer crash of the new videos this week

The Twit Pics


I always love sunsets

ffxiv wtf

Seriously, WTF is this. Seems like a cross between a Platypus and an Aardvark

Firefall thump

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