A Hiatus for Healing the Masses

Just a warning that I’ll be taking a week off writing on the blog this week and will be back again writing that weekend after. There may or may not be a WvW rant but I don’t want to promise anything.

It’s been a bit of an off week for me in regards to gaming. I have had an insane sinus headache for 4 days now and it’s only just subsided thanks to lots and lots of steam and drugs. I’ve been home all this time (except for this one day with the kids where I nearly died ) and I haven’t felt like gaming much; it just required to much energy.

I have been reading a bit more than I usually do. I’ve been exploring the web reading whatever I can find really including about books, movie, and even gardening (I still want a nice vegie garden). I’ve also been finishing off the black magician trilogy which has been a slow project. It’s nice to read when curled up I’m blankets, good for the body and soul.

Lots of TV too but nothing overly interesting except for that new episode of Breaking bad… that was awesome. I usually just watch a lot of cutesy studio gibli animes when I’m sick. There was an anime called “the garden of words” which really was quite spectacular in its beauty and sorrowful tones.

The other thing I’ve been trying to do is fix my little laptop. The stuttering during gameplay has gotten quite bad now which makes playing Firefall and GW2 WvW more frustrating then fun. I was actually thinking about making a video about my dragonfly in Firefall but instead I spent all yesterday running tests, exploring processes, and updating drivers but the problem persists so it’s time to send it into a professional. I know the fans need a clean, I tried blowing it with air but it wasn’t enough and I’m not adept enough to take apart the whole machine to do it.

I also believe I need a new gpu… maybe, and there is not much of a possibility of doing it by yourself unless you want to gamble on buying parts through eBay. If the gpu is ok after the service that would be great, if not it’s time to upgrade to something like a 675mx as it’s not that expensive but a decent upgrade in processing power. If all that doesn’t work then screw laptops.. This one is just out of warranty and it’s already screwed. I still like playing on the couch, can I just connect a desktop to the laptop and let it do all the work instead? I’m sure that would be possible; I just like being comfortable while playing and don’t want to lose that but the cost of buying a new gaming laptop every few years is ridiculous.

The other reason I need a break for the week is to get an assignment finished that I, again, have yet to start… oops.

So because of all that it’s time for a break. I don’t want to leave the site lying baron all that time so if anyone out there wants to write a ramble, rant, or review of a game or whatever then get in touch through here or the twitter. If not I’ll see you here next week kiddos, same bat-time, same bat-channel.


3 thoughts on “A Hiatus for Healing the Masses

    • I’m sorry too. I have so much I want to write still but I know if I don’t do this it won’t get done..

      Hopefully with a working puter I’ll be able to do those videos though which should be cool.

      I’ll still be writing things on the phone now and then while in transit to and from work, just didn’t want to promise, anything

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