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I certainly had a nice week off, well as much as you can when your researching, writing, and with no gaming outlet to unwind. I actually missed writing and the little micro debates that went on sometimes although I think the break from gaming might have been a good thing in a way.

My little laptop will be making its way back tomorrow.. Hurray! The culprit seemed to be a corrupted hard drive, the cause a nasty virus apparently. Hmm, that seems to be the usual excuse to the computer illiterate but I have been known to use files and programs from certain channels from time to time. I’m usually rather careful though… Oh well it was only a couple hundred in the end which is less than I thought.

Anyway I have this post and another nearly lined up now as I was still slowly writing on the phone during travel times so the the regular rambling and ranting show should be back to normal soon if not rigggggghhhht….. Now. I’ll go back and add pics, tags and stuff to this later.

The devs at Red 5 have been hard at work this week building on open world and just general improvements in performance. It’s exciting to be a part of an early mmo with so much promise and while the updates might be a slower pace then seems the norm now the certainly make up for it in the way they improve the experience. I never really understood those people in mmo’s like to Wurm, Xyson, and takes in the desert to well untill now, a game can just click with you sometimes.

The sin network has moved to a new system, or host, or mouse wheels (fancy tech language was used) and on a whole the game feels a lot smoother now. Interacting with NPC’s will actually bring up the inventory now within a couple seconds, the battleframe garages is much better with less crashes, and the crafting spot (printer) is much smoother now; collecting items and showing up almost immediately. Coming from what it was before this makes the game feel much more polished and like a final release more than a beta.

The tornado melding pocket is getting a big facelift so as to have more in common with pacman than the suicide run it is now. If your starting out these are a fun little side activity but most people who have been around for a while in the betas avoid this area at all costs. The rewards are too low to compensate for the risk involved because of durability loss. Now the area will be littered with resources and crystite enough that you may want to take the risk and push the time limit as much as possible.

A new battleframe for the dreadnaught archetype called the arsenal will be gracing our presence… actually I think it’s already live at the moment. It seems to be more of long range heavy but has some close range burst if that makes sense. I’m not sure how it will work out exactly as it sounds a bit mismatched in its long range rifle and missiles and then a rocket jump and shotgun up close. During the weekend you can test out this new frame with all experience being carried over if you do eventually buy it.

Subscription are coming as well for those really into the game and I admit I probably will go for one. Increased crystite rewards which are your main limiter, and an extra market and printer slot which will both be very welcome. There might be more involved, I’m not sure yet but the price point seems to be around 9-10  dollars.

The big news coming from Gamescom is about the push into stage 2 of their plans for open world progression and expanding the chosen warfront. We’ve heard this before during closed beta and it didn’t quite pan out but this does seem different and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was over excited for it.

It sounds extremely intriguing the way they are claiming to put the playerbase in charge of this progression but I don’t know how that is going to work quite yet. The various shards and server bases kind of mess this up a little so I imagine this world progression will be happening as a whole (NA east, NA west, EU) rather than being split. I am also wondering on the mechanics of getting involved too. Is it just going to be a grand drawn out fetch quest; will it include kills and Ares missions; or maybe crafting will get involved a little.

Whatever it is I am very happy with the concept of getting the players involved in permanent change. A preview post at MMORPG has the best write up on what the new content will be as it gets further unlocked and some if sounds amazingly awesome. This doesn’t just sound like an unimportant election with mere cosmetic changes, it’s being actively involved in shaping the game world you inhabit, having consequences to failure and then enjoying the fruits of your labor. There are even rewards that scale based on your contribution with the pinnacle being able to name uncovered areas (within reason) or even a statue in your honour. This is what I want from content updates in a mmo and I’m perplexed not many others have really tried this before.

With all this new space I’m still wondering how they are going to keep people interested enough to continue playing. Usually it’s iterations of the same gameplay that while fun the core play remains the same whether your in New Eden, a melding pocket, or a completely new space. There are no ultimate shinies to long for as everything is more transient due to durability, it’s more just having a large and diverse inventory rather than a glowing sword of awesome. I love this but I know a lot of the mmo crowd that need that carrot as a guide may get bored too quickly with it.

Also and I hate to say this but the primordial evil that is gambling has entered Firefall. No lockboxes though it’s just a straight up poker machine. There are 2 ways to use it available; one being through the cash shop and the other through in game means. I naively thought it was going to be a reasonable ask to achieve this in game but no, it’s incredible expensive to craft. Ah well, the ftp infection spreads further.


3 thoughts on “Working on a World in Firefall

  1. The gambling is too bad, but unfortunately it’s the lockboxes/gambling that seem to make the most money in f2p games.

    Is it a possibility that everything you get there can either be accomplished in game or bought with red beans? If it was, then it’s just half as bad.

    All the other stuff sounds great, though- it’ll be fun watching this game grow.

    • Yeh, buying it in game is not a long term possibility. It requires a lot of resources.. 1000s as well as a couple silver (expensive and rare). It’s mostly battleframe paints and skins which you can buy but the ones in it are unique.. There are also Minipets, vehicles and such too and I’m guessing instead of going in the store they will mostly be here from now on =(

      The thing is I believe while gambling might be more profitable it is only in the short run. It sours your reputation and eventually players no longer buy in

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