Reblog: PvP with a Capital M

I jut realised that I never reblogged a guest post I wrote I while back over at Herding Cats. I am pretty sure doing that is good blogging etiquette but unfortunately I’m forgetful at the best of times. But of course with the recent guest post, and the enforced time away from my beloved gaming device (which is still at the shop *grumble*) it seems like now is a good time to reblog.

Compared to many of my MMO compatriots that have been playing the genre for a decade or more I’m a relative noob. Previously I found the genre rather annoying and couldn’t stand the appeal, I tried World of Warcraft like many have and found it to be a big steaming pile of well… I didn’t enjoy it. The environment was overly kiddy and the combat against samey monsters was repetitive and dull, there was no challenge and no enjoyment for me.

Fast forward a couple of years and I fell into another title called Rift and was enjoying my time, this time though I delved into the wonderful world of PvP. It felt amazing, the combat was exciting and each and every fight felt interesting and dynamic. Ever changing fights that brought out a feeling of exhilaration in me I’d never felt while gaming before, enough that I would go beetroot red and earn the name Rudolph from the hubby whenever I played. Even the rather harsh nature (it’s no Darkfall) of a PvP server was thoroughly enjoyable. I had found my gaming home and have been trying to set it up ever since.

It is hard to explain the feeling you get when engaging in pixelated combat against our fellow brethren. A large contingent of people have been killing each other for decades but it is more of a newer thing in the mainstream for the MMO genre. It has been around of course yet it never garnered the same appeal as the regular shooting galleries until recently. There is something very unique to it which has unfortunately been hidden away behind certain punishing systems, enough that the majority of people shied away from it. It’s amazing though but unfortunately it is very hard to explain the feeling and why it is so enjoyable.

Check out more of the post about the Good, Bad, and ugly of MMO PvP. I would pimp out Herding Cats further but it’s too awesome to need any introduction and I don’t think I could do Liore and her great writing and podcast justice anyway.