A Solemn Anniversary

I can’t help but be unipressed with the whole anniversary celebrations and it’s taking on more of a feeling of mourning then one of joy to me. The pve event in its zergy loot raining from the sky kinda way is still kinda fun to get swept up in from time to time and the mob design is rather interesting this time around.

I will still protest that Rift did, and does invasions far better than this. In Rift an invasion is meaningful; mobs spew out from certain points and spread across the zone killing NPC’s, taking over camps and even attacking the main citadel. They had a purpose and were the main attraction, in GW2 they are static unmoving spawns that make it just another sideshow attraction.

Its not this though that makes me solemn although it is part, it is the complete lack of meaningful change in WvW over an entire year. On our anniversary we get trebuchet mastery (WOOOOO!) and I can’t help but think that’s either a little ironic or just trolling. It certainly encapsulates quite well exactly what people are fed up with, more emphasis on siege and ignoring the critical faults. PvE gets an elaborate event and we get another few ranks on the grind that will either be useless or start a new siege meta. Joy.

I was holding back on this post due to Devons words on the forums not long ago of “wait for the livestream”. I waited and watched as I was shown siege masteries that we have used for months and then a brief glimpse of something new to WvW that might elicit some change.

Haha capture points, I should have known and it is a soon Tm as usual. Oh, and 2 other masteries Yay! Believe us on faith they say, change is coming. I’m sorry but my faith is not everlasting in the face of utter ignorance, incompetance, and a lack of understanding about why people enjoy and play WvW. There are a lot of groups with different interests in WvW that would definitely make it hard to appease but I’m pretty sure it’s usually more than just blobs and siege.

I will say that the new capture points might be an interesting change. The zerg will zerg as usual and numbers will still be the dominant strategy but this will give those roaming groups a little something more to do. I’m going to remain reserved about the new bloodless mechanic as it just further places the advantage with the already dominant server; I didn’t like it before and I still don’t like it now.

The capture areas, well the one that we saw looked well done with many entrances and exits but I can’t help thinking I’ve seen this sort if area, with similiar assets before in Tyria somewhere. Also there’s a bit of a difference between these 2 things in my opinion. Yet one has taken a couple months (maybe less) and the other a year.

Crown Pavilion

And now I waited further as there was supposed to be something revolutionary in the Pax presentation. Seasons now for WvW with the bare basic of incentives.

I just don’t know if it’s enough for me to reinvigorate my failing interest. I’m still playing with the guild but less and less each month it seems. Over an entire year we’ve gotten so little changes and even less fixed. Here’s what I think has changed and still needs to change which after seeing is a pretty good reason why my interest is disappearing.


  • Breakout event – It was a nice change I believe and certainly helped the server in some situations unless they were completely outmanned. We mainly use it now for the supply.
  • Pve skin and stat availability – It certainly is nice to see all these accessible from WvW but the pricing on many of them is quite ridiclous.
  • Ranks – The progression system we all had so many hopes for that ended up being a massive grind for little tangible reward. It’s funny as well that the masteries range from huge power creep to absolutely useless.
  • Traps – I guess they have a place. The supply trap can come in handy but I think it cost too much supply to set up. The stealth trap is a gimmick at best.
  • Dailies – It only took them nearly an entire year to add enough WvW achievable and focused points. I don’t see why it isn’t a whole separate daily and monthly considering spvp has one and that WvW is now apparently its own game.
  • Culling removal and OMG the lag
  • Moved the eternal battlegrounds jumping puzzle into its own instance
  • No more dolyak rewards (unless attacked and invader killed)
  • Orb removed – Rather amusing that the only way to stop people hacking these was to remove them. It was supposed to come back after they stopped the hacks lol.

Still Broken

  • Group functioning – Still unable to invite from Guild or friends list. Can’t kick people from squad while in WvW. Dots on mini map disappear occasionally.
  • Map exploits – They’ve done well over the course of the year closing up those little exploits to get into keeps, up and over walls, and invulnerable siege points but there are still quite a few. Sunny hill door is still notorious for allowing leapers through
  • Hacking – It is still around although just not as prevalent. Still no report hack option when reporting.
  • Commander – Still very badly designed and lacking basic options. Needs a guild only option. I don’t have a pin, I just know it’s woefully inadequate for the job as is.
  • Armor Skins – Still no unique armor to WvW.
  • Lootable bag dropping – Wanted in inventory or atleast as a ui option to recover later instead of littering the ground everywhere. We barely make anything as it is and this mechanic lessens that immensely.
  • Resurrecting and downed – My thought on this is that it further skews combat towards the bigger group. I don’t mind the downed mechanic as I feel it adds another strategy to combat but ressing dead people just feels wrong. Either make it out of combat only ressing, an area based combat mechanic or respawn them.
  • Aoe – this was a mechanic which made the blob as strong as it is. A 5 person cap is much too forgiving as It’s easier to spread boons and healing around then it is to hurt. My thought was to have a 10 person cap but have the maximum damage scale down over 5 to maybe 50% less. Apparently impossible to implement because server bandwidth concerns, ie., being cheap.
  • Achievements – Still exhorbitant in what they require and now that achievements also offer decent rewards this is an unforgivable oversight.
  • Keep defense – Still isn’t rewarding and is harder for the defender. Very gimmicky at times with Golem rushes capping keeps in a minute
  • Guild purpose – no rewards or reason for guilds to do anything in WvW even though they are spending vast amounts of time, gold, and influence. The gvg scene is popping up for this exact reason.
  • Matchmaking – Still kind of broken and allowing huge imbalances or remaining too static at the top and bottom.
  • LAAAAAAAAAAG – When your game is solely about zerging you should probably make sure the servers and engine can handle it.
  • Optimisation is still appaling
  • Outmanned buff – Still useless, pathetic and offering little incentive to those outmanned. It also seems a little broken at times with how it applies.
  • Badge drop – Compared to other game types and with how much stuff coats it’s pathetic.
  • Support and bug fixing – a recent developers post on the forums made how bad this is abundantly clear
  • Waypoint abuse – Didn’t they say back in march this was being fixed. I’m not sure if it should or not as it’s the only way to save a keep from a Golem rush.
  • Stealth – Weren’t they trying to avoid perma stealth
  • Maps – Unchanging and being a cloned set is boring and going by posts, comments and interviews they still haven’t started building new ones as it’s just too much work. GG. What we have are also far too small, or people move to fast and it cuts down on the strategy
  • Useless space – Well the lake is getting a change so now is the time to also iterate on the centaur and Skritt camps
  • Siege – Some are far more useful than others now. Does anyone use balista’s anymore?
  • Balance – Still pretty much the same. Limited build and skill usefulness. Limited choice with consumables (- condition duration). Lacking real balance in wvw that deviates from spvp and pve despite saying this was their aim.
  • Zerging – It’s still far too prominent and Arenanet’s efforts during the year seem to have only strengthened this part.
  • Skillin – no new traits, utilities, or weapons that may change up the wvw meta. Still wondering why there isn’t any wvw only abilities.

And probably more points I can’t think of right now

I find it funny that most of what we’ve got in regards to WvW changes no one actually asked for, or if they did like a progression system it was far from the expectations people had. Most of what people have wanted for the entire year is just better functioning of core systems. Like many have said on the forums, you build the foundation first and then add content on top otherwise it’s a house of cards just waiting to fall.

I don’t hold much hope at this stage for the improvement of WvW and I think this is why I just can’t become immersed in the beautiful world anymore. My connection to it has been broken as my primary interests in it are ignored, and I think because of this I’m still going through my stages of grief. Actually, not so much grief it’s more like I’m in some sort of unfulfilling relationship.

*crude stuff incoming* I’m longing for more, to build a life and form a connection but it’s not happening. The sex is fast, frenetic and fantastic and you keep giving me little cues about maybe things will change but I’m slowly starting to realise that’s all just bullshit all all your just stringing it along and taking my time. I could be out there looking for more, looking for better, and looking for something more suited to me, and that is slowly happening.

It’s funny how connected we get to these game spaces and how hard that is to break sometimes.

Well it’s at least got another 6 months to change now by my count before another big name game scoops up my interest. Untill then I might have one more post about GW2 I want to write and unless anything changes dramatically that might be it. It seems a good thing at times to provide a different point of view to others but I just don’t like all the negativity I’ve fallen into here because if it. Yes a critical eye is great occasionally but not when it devolves into endless QQ. Just imagine me grumbling in a corner like the Grinch I am each new release and that should suffice.

*this is not part of the blog carnival, nor do I want it to be. That is an event about celebrating the amazing experiences we’ve had which I wouldn’t want to spoil *

9 thoughts on “A Solemn Anniversary

  1. I knew it was time for me to quit WoW when all my ideas for what to blog about it became negative. It’s hard, but too easy to become stuck in a negativity spiral and once that happens it’s all downhill. It’s either time to take a break (if the cause is burnout) or move on altogether.

    I wanted to love GW2 too, and stick with it longterm. But like you, none of what they’ve been offering this past 6+ months has been compelling to me at all (and I don’t even PvP, I’m a 100% PvE person). The only Living Story stuff I’ve enjoyed this year have been the temporary boss dungeons, SAB, and the Bazaar.

    • That is very true and what I’ve been aiming for but it’s harder then it sounds sometimes. To not write or play seems like abandoning it. I know that if I leave I won’t return but there are so many things about it that I love. What I love though has remained unchanged, or at worst left to rot.

      It is a funny circumstance to be this emotional over a game, I don’t remember being nearly this bad when I quit Rift after playing it for a year.

  2. Hehe, you sound like a jilted lover! I think you should just take a break. You lose absolutely nothing when you take a break (no subs!). Might as well spare yourself the frustration if you can’t force yourself to play (Such an oxymoron, no? Forcing yourself to play?)

    It’s just like an abusive boyfriend. Just dump him! But in this case it’a an abusive ex who you can immediately get back with with no hard feelings if he ever decides to change =)

  3. I went through a much milder form of this a couple of months back. Yes, GW2 could have been so much more than it turned out to be, but in the end it is what it is and a lot of that is pretty good entertainment. I’m out the other side of that now, just taking the parts I like and leaving the rest.

    My experience of WvW is massively different from yours, though. It’s the one part of the game that usually works for me. I love the largely unchanging nature of it, the way it takes forever for anything new to come along and the way that even when it does it changes almost nothing. Change in the PvE game comes too fast to keep up with and never, ever stops. It’s thoroughly exhausting. Going to the Borderlands feels like coming home after three days at a festival, just so relaxing and familiar.

    Also in the mid-tiers the match-making changes have made the most enormous positive difference, returning the whole WvW experience to what it was in the autumn of last year. Almost every single week since the change has been close and exciting on Yak’s Bend. Team spirit goes up and down a bit but nothing like the horrible mood-swings we endured all those stuck weeks playing the same zerg night-cap servers match after match.

    You didn’t mention what might be the biggest of all upcoming changes to WvW, namely the addition of crafting drops to Lords, Guards etc. When the new tier of crafting comes in that could be a very big deal indeed and could seriously (and possibly adversely) change not only how WvW is played but who plays it.

    Any way up, I’ve had a pretty good year in GW2 and it’s going to be in my MMO rotation forever because as Ursan points out there’s no barrier to re-entry. At the moment I’m tabbed out of FFXIV, which I’ve been playing all day and the next GW2 update is only of partial interest so I may take a semi-break, but that’s good. I don’t want to play the same MMO all day every day.

    Of course, what I really want for GW2, and what would certainly bring me back full-time for a substantial period, is a real expansion.

    • Ironically, immediately after I wrote the above I remembered the recent announcement about adding a League system to WvW, which will clearly be very significant. I say “ironically” because although a league is what I’ve wanted for WvW for as long as there’s been WvW, this particular version looks likely to kill WvW on Yak’s Bend stone dead.

      The NA league is two divisions of 12 teams each, which almost certainly means perennial T4 overachievers Yak’s Bend will be team in the upper division. In a seven week season every team is guaranteed to play every other at least once which will just about guarantee that we are crushed most weeks. There’s no point pitting us against any server in current T1 or T2 and even against T3 we tend to struggle. Not looking forward to this at all.

    • GW2 gave me a solid 6-8 months of enjoyment and I don’t diminish that at all. We’ve just grown apart. =P

      I will for sure still check in periodically but it won’t be the ‘home’ game I wanted.

      • Exactly and that’s not a bad thing. Now onwards with the never ending search for a home, here’s hoping the filler along the way will be entertaining.

    • The issue is that wvw isn’t just a side project for me, it is my main activity and as such the issues, bugs, and wayward mechanics constantly just eat at you. The lack of meaningful changes and fixes just makes this feeling worse. Consistency is great but this goes a but further than that.

      It’s not just the middle tiers, I think most modes have kind of balanced out now except the maybe the bottom. There are still a lot of coverage gaps but that’s to be expected when you split servers regionally.

      And yeh not sure of the issues the league situation will cause, probably a few considering it doesn’t sound very well thought out yet. Two brackets seems wrong and the server spread too wide, would have been better as 4 like they originally said.

      I’m sceptical about acquiring these ascended materials in wvw. First it’s only a couple of the needed bunch and secondly, if it’s anything like the regular drop rate it will be minuscule to non existent. It’s a bad change for WvW overall as it further increases the power differences.

      I know I’m very critical right now but I have had a wonderful year in gw2, just because that is ending doesn’t mean it ruins those experiences.

      And yes, would love a real expansion.

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