Link Dead Radio: Final Fantasy, Fun, and interviews with the Fem Devs

The Links

If your as interested in the Division as I am then you’ll want to read a recent Ubisoft Blog post that answers many questions.

Interview with Brenda Gershkovitch on the chalenges of creating games for women

The Borderhouse had an interview with Jill Murray, one of the screenwriters at Ubisoft for Assassins Creed

The mmo reporter interviewed Elizabeth Tobey, community manager at Trion World’s.

An interview with Maria Aliprando, a creature combat designer for ESO by TesoElite (Very informative)

In An Age has a great run down of Hearthstones Ui.. There was a review link I was going to add but it’s gone.. Anyone read some good ones?

I found a post by Hardcore Casual that ripped into a post by a swtor dev regarding the wonders of ftp highly amusing. Buuuuurrrn.

Mmo Gypsy has a good run down of the info about EQN Landmarks that has come out recently.

Phoenixdown has a great message that sometimes needs repeating. Games (and writing about them) should be fun.

The Final Fantasy Stuffz

FF 14 dye colour chart and guide

A nifty doc showing all the useable cross profession skills

2 great websites for guides and info that has awesome stuff like this travel map


The vids

Starbound being played by yogcast at insomnia.

one of the funniest WvW commanders I’ve seen

Black Desert Vid from Gamescom

A reddit comment also gave a link to 2 hour long HD gameplay footage of The Elder Scrolls Online. It requires you to download via torrents. I haven’t watched it yet because the computer still isn’t back *cries*

The twit pics

Sorry about the low quality, I don’t have access to the originals at the moment but will fix it up when the puter gets back.

Before the open beta went down I snapped this pick of my Arcanist that I have yet to see and play again. I loved this look and I’m looking forward to see what other outfits are out there.
ffxiv 2013-08-19 16-41-16-52



And here’s the little poem that was attacked he’d to this thumping pic

Home, home on the range,
Where the Arahna and the Brontodons play;
Where seldom is heard except a thumpers burr
And the Meld is shining all day