This is why we can’t have nice things

When I began my journey into Tyria I was excited at the possibilities the game would bring and the amazing expereinces I would have. I also wanted to play dress up in a mmo whose focus was on these alternative modes of progression but there has been a distinct lack of costumes since the start of the game. Yes there has been a couple town clothes but when these are the main earners that are usually in a cash shop you would think Arenanet would want to be pumping them out and guess what, I would have bought heaps.

The problem though is this guy.

charr  chibi

From this deviantart

Think about it. All the other races are mainly just scaling up and down accordingly, you create the costume for humans then move from there. You have wierd humans that are pretty much the same except for a couple pointy bits up top, you have bigger humans, you have the Asura as smaller humans just with bigger heads, then you have gigantic fricken cats.

I love the design of the Charr, they are an amazing and creative race that departed from a lot of the norms you usually see. They weren’t cutesy (except for Roxx’s gigantic eyes), they were fierce predators and looked like they belonged in Tyria. Unfortunately their dimensions and posture are vastly different than the other races. Their stance is cat like.. especially their running animations; they have that long elongated neck, have a huge bulk around the shoulders, and not to mention a waggly little tail. They are far from human.

Unfortunately this means whenever Anet are creating outfits they have to create one for the humanoids then a complete new one for the felines. It doubles production time of awesome outfits! It is probably why we have had so many weapon skins in comparison; these can scale up and down regardless of race and require little manipulation to suit.

So, in light of this I purpose an extermination of all non NPC Charr on the basis that we need more pretty outfits. Let the Hunger Games begin!!


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  1. wat

    Going from my memories of how heavy armor looked on my charr warrior I’d say you’re barking up the wrong tree. The only pieces that ever get modified specifically for the catmen are the helms, boots, and gloves. The chest and leg pieces just get deformed to follow the models, that’s one of the reasons most armor looks atrocious on them. I can’t imagine it takes much effort to cut out the back part of a helm, snip the ends of the fingers off the gloves, and then run the boots through the “make this look like shit” filter.

    I imagine the thing that most drastically increases production time is having to produce two different, sometimes radically so, skins for the different sexes for each item. Especially for light armor where such extreme sexual dimorphism is more prevalent.

    So clearly the answer is that one of the two sexes should stop having any expectations of looking cool so the other can get twice as much new shit.

    Or make everybody into an asura. Then everyone would get the exact same models. Maybe then the artists would fix all the weapon clipping issues asura have.

    • Sorry I was just wanted to be silly about this post, hence asking for a culling of Charr. They would make nice rugs and fur coats too

      Of course it’s a lot harder that that to make an outfit. If you look across the races most have certain individual styling to suit them. It would also be hard to work around all the different clipping issues that would come up because of older costume pieces when trying to design new stuff. I imagine trying to create stuff that doesn’t clip with that TA dungeon stuff would be a nightmare.

      Hmm I’m sure the Asura are working on some kind of non bokahtising ray so maybe we can hope for an Asura master race

  2. Well, the asura are another reason too, imo. They aren’t proportioned quite like the humans, Norn and sylvari. Also, three toes and big head with floppy ears.

    But as for the war bit, rrrrargh, bring it! Charr were at war with everyone in GW1 and did just fine naked with fire magic. Now we got tanks and guns. Maybe we’ll finally get more Charrmor when everyone else is dead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • The humans were weak little feline… Nature prevails I’m all circumstances against the corrupted machines of the new age. Nature is forever.

      Not to mention we have the Asura now and your little tinker toys are nothing compared to their magitech

  3. It’s really a blessing and a curse. Normal armor on Charr is mostly terrible. Charr cultural armor is some of the best armor in the game. I sincerely cannot imagine any of my Charrs to wear anything but cultural armor, and that’s depressingly limiting.


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