Changes to the Coral Forest

What do you know.. logging into Firefall after more than a week of and I’m pleasantly surprised by an area that’s been updated with a new watchtower and ares mission area. I have been going over the patch notes and I never even saw any indication of this change to the world so it was really nice to see this new area decent revamp to the east beach side of Coral Forest.

If you had seen it before this was all land that was not covered by the sin network as there was no towers nearby to cover it. It wasn’t dead space as events still happened in this area but it did make it harder to see what events were in the area. Here’s the new redesigned space around the watchtower

And here’s the new Ares mission area

Another interesting event that has been added to the world is the chosen death squad. It’s a rather interesting mechanic that has already become a bit of a focal point for players. At first it will tag one player with the map icon which basically says that the Chosen death squad is out to kill you. Over the course of the event the melding effect covers the players screen and those nearbye and you hear this really creepy chosen voice whispering to you now and then, it actually makes you quite paranoid when you hear it as you are waiting there far an attack. As the Death squad gets closer mobs start spawning around the player and increase in frequency. Then the death squad enters the fray which contains a couple of dreadnoughts and a chosen called the Executioner who is insanely tough and has a laser minigun that really hurts.

It is really fun to play as it requires you to be very careful due to the damage, it isn’t too hard with a group but he will usually down  few people. They can spawn pretty much anywhere as well and I was involved in one particular death squad event where it was reeking havoc within Sunken Harbour. The only issue seems to be that they spawn a certain distance away, or even from within the melding and have to travel towards the player but because chosen don’t have many mobility tools it can take some time for them to make it too you if and they can get stuck on terrain or on the top of ledges with no way down.

It’s a really interesting event overall and I’m liking the new update. The new Arsenal Battlframe is decent, improvements to sin have been good and then this change to the world makes it look like there is consistent progress. I’m still waiting to see how this whole chosen warfront mega event gets added and how it progresses, I think I’ll get more involved again when that comes back in.


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