Link Dead Radio: Dickwolves, Diversity, Guild Wars and Grind

The Links

  • Penny arcade and mike being the man children we have come to expect, the new statesman has a recap on the resurgence of the Dickwolves contreversy.
  • Continuing on with PA, a link to why and just how hurtful these themes are (trigger warning) and Out of Beta has a reflective post about why his responses and actions were so deplorable and that we should be trying to mature as a community. For the record I never found this strip funny, I respect people’s right to joke about whatever they want but not in a public space and certainly not when you are a respected public figure who influences the culture immensely.
  • Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid is still being a dirty old man
  • I learnt the Pirate Party is a real thing in Australian politics
  • Post at MMO Gypsy about the way mechanics, interests and ideals go in and out of being in vogue
  • There is a Link round up of people who are writing some excellent posts appreciating their favourite 3 in World of Warcraft; last week was hunters.
  • A psychological and sociological look at why we grind by Casual Aggro

The Vids

Pixel Junk Inc is looking AWESOME!!

Sunless Sea is a new squad based survival game on Kickstarter with a nice lovecraft kind of vibe

The Pics

FirefallClient 2013-09-07 21-24-54-187

Water is pretty but so deadly. Troll logic


Pretty view

Being a bit silly with fire effects

Updates to Sunken Harbour

FirefallClient 2013-09-07 23-32-18-356

Being a bit silly with fire effects

The progress Report

Thanks To Herding Cats and Liore’s little Giveaway I scored a beta Key to Card Hunter. It is a really cool game that blends Dungeons and Dragons Pen and Paper gaming themes, turn based strategy and a strategic card game. It was really fun and engaging to play, challenging with how to equip your characters and use skills, and has a great multi-player arena mode. I made it to level 7 but didn’t want to play any further as it releases on the 12th of September and all progress is going to be wiped.

Card Hunter

I played a little bit of Mass Effect 2 and am liking the story and gameplay so far but oh my god is that character creator avatar creeping looking, especially how it moves the head… possessed doll kind of look.

I’m still playing a lot of Firefall and was able to craft 3 more Dragonfly Diffusers so when I get a bit more Crystite I can unlock my first tier 9 spot. Researched more Bioframe and Dragonfly unlocks and I only have one more that I use consistently to get to tier 3. My chosen armour finally ran out of durability so I crafted and equipped my new tier 3, it’s a loss of 300 health but it should last me for a lot longer now.

I’m thinking about crafting some pieces in order to get more Crystite as I have a decent amount of resources but I just can’t decide which market to focus on first. I got an order from someone for a Bio Rifle 3 so maybe start with the weapons, not may on the market and the price is decent for the effort.

Still having a lot of fun roaming with the crew and doing lots of Ares missions and events, we even headed into the new free for all PvP area around Sunken Harbour and laughed while killing each other over and over. The Dragonfly is a decent frame for this environment as you have that ability to hide quickly and heal up and have a high rate of fire from the primary weapon. I realised I’m terrible at PvP in Firefall because it’s so damn hard to hit a moving target who’s using all the axis for movement.

There have also been a lot of improvements and new events added to the world that I’m only now starting to notice more of. Found a new couple of Ares this week; One was just south of Copa, there is that new one in coral shores, one south of Sunken Harbour up on the cliffs that contains a hidden crate, and I think… a new one in Trans Hub. New Eden is becoming rather busy now with events. There was also that huge change to the coral shores, events like the Tornado, incursions and invasions have had changes, and the events within the melding pockets have become more challenging but with better animations of the core mechanics.. Diamond head for instance has a lot more meteors now but far better indicators for when they’ll hit.

And yes, I’m still playing Guild Wars 2 although I’m not worrying about any of the PvE happenings at all any more and am just having fun occasionally with TKG in WvW. Running with them will always be a lot of fun as they are focused, are using the system and mechanics to near its best, and have a lot of fun doing it. I love the combat and it’s a great feeling smashing groups much larger than us or even seeing them run away because of our tag now… it’s an ego boost for sure.

The other thing is that I won’t be playing Final Fantasy 14. Even before my puter went away for repairs (which didn’t end up fixing the issue ><) the website wasn’t accepting the registration code for the game I purchased; after the computer got back no luck either. I tried contacting their support numerous times but have yet to get a reply back so I cancelled my order through Amazon and thankfully they gave a full refund. I was thinking about buying through Square Enix just after that but they closed purchases of the game and after a couple of days I didn’t feel like it any more… enough is enough when it comes to abysmal management and support.