Link Dead Radio: Retro Themes, Child of Light, and Pax Panels

The Links

  • An Anet Developer of the Super Adventure box has a post up about his love for the game, communicating with the community, and the rules of forum interactions.

I said this on Twitter but I really do find it oddly amusing that one of the most applauded updates is the one most divorced from the world, lore, and aesthetic of Tyria.

  • If you’re interested in Guild Wars 2’s  Super Adventure Box then you will want to check out Why I Game’s extensive collection of guides and play through analysis
  • Tequatl the Sunless muses on his entrapment and adherence to the rules of the Elder Dragons set down by Zaitan that comes of as a lovers quarrel and looking forward to breaking those chains to become its own dragon
  • The Ubi Blog has a nice preview of the gameplay elements and emotional impact of Child of Light
  • Rock paper shotgun have a great interview with the devs of Child of Light about the poetic nature of the story, influences for the game and female characters.
  • The MMORPG YouTube channel has the video from their Future of Online Games Panel”..warning bad audio but they are aiming to fix that in the days to come
  • The MMO Reporter took video of quite a few panels and even interviews with many devs/community managers from various projects
  • Also definitely check out Inventory full for many wonderfully posts detailing the rich themes, stories, characters and visuals that make Final Fantasy 14’s world of Eaorzea come alive on the page. I love the sense of child like wonder these exude

The Vids

What the Firefall

Child of Light look purrrrty

Assassin’s Creed Looks AMAZING

The highlights from the League of Legends championship but recreated in Lego

The Progress Report

Not many pictures this week and none worth really revisiting as I really haven’t done that much gaming last week. I don’t know why except for having that feeling of being lost with the games you have yet not enough interest in any that comes around every now and then. I went to bed early and got some great nap nap time, did a bit of study stuff that I really should be doing more of and a bit of the cleaning that so obviously needed doing. Spent more time with the hubby instead of a screen which I really should do more often… oh and I made the yummiest banana cake EVAAAAAAA!!! so good.

I did jump into Guild Wars again for a couple nights to run around the Borderlands killing everything that moves. It has become more of a routine in ways but it is still exhilarating at times. We had a funny occurrence of a rival Aussie guild challenging us one night that ended up in us completely annihilating them each and every time… I felt a little bad for them at times as we did humiliate them a little, we never actively sought them out and they set the stage for each battle but they were a very one sided battle.

We are apparently moving to JQ now though…. sigh. If you’re in the know of the WvW commanders and big guilds you might have heard a little talk about this, I got the run down the other night about which guilds were thinking of going where or following who and while it is supposedly being done for the right reasons (creating balance within the top 3 servers) I can’t help but be sceptical around the eventual outcome. Balance is very hard to achieve and I don’t think it will ever be achieved in a way that will create decent gameplay for everyone.

And how long will it last. I’m still wondering whether it’s going to be worth moving considering how much I play and my lack of interest in the game at the moment. The move has been financed by outside sources, it would seem the guild has a good enough reputation for others to seek it out which is great but I don’t want to waste that money when it could be better suited to the people actually playing. , I don’t know. I kind of liked it on Blackgate a lot more; the fights were a lot better, the WvW community more organised and well.. how do you expect to get attached to a world if you are consistently moving. It makes the whole WvW experience even more meaningless than it already was.

Next week I’m thinking about jumping back into TSW once again to catch up on the things i’ve missed, more Card Hunter of course, and maybe even try to finish Mass Effect 2. OOOOHH and I’ll be praying to the gaming gods as usually to bless me with an Elder Scrolls Beta invite.. I want one sooooooo bad