Link Dead Radio: Repulsive Responses, Newbie Bloggers, and Greenlight Games

The Links

  • Psychology of games has a post asking the question “Is the ability to respec making you unhappy”, there’s a few issues to the claim but it’s interesting nonetheless

There was a bit of controversy last week regarding the GTAV reviews at both Gamespot and the Escapist and a fair few bloggers delved into the fray, some of which added some thought full points but that I forgot to save.

  • United We Game admires but doesn’t envy those whom become under fire due to their reviews
  • Gamescom themselves weighed in on the debate with their own Feedbackula show and the host actually had a rather reflective moment regarding his part in the creation of the culture
  • In other news a couple women in the military were questioned about the portrayal of women in games and really came up with some interesting insights about the Industry and how it’s perceived at times
  • Pixel Hearts has an excellent rundown of the dungeons in Wildstar
  • And if you haven’t checked out Far Beyond My Capacitiy’s hilarious recount of his groups play through of the Pen and Paper game Masks of Nyarlathotep then do so right now. He retells the story in such a way that you can’t help but laugh at the unusual turn of events and cringe at the awkwardness. I am absolutely riveted to it as each and every post keeps me interested and hungry for more.



The newbie blogger initiative is back again and running for the month of Oxtober. Of course it needs new bloggers to take up the call as well as supporters and sponsors to guide the process by adding their own advice and opinions. If your thinking about starting a blog now the time as you will have unparalleled support throughout. I can’t wait to see what new blogs and writers come out of it as I love reading about new experiences, interests and ideas.

  • there is a new forum to check out with a handle table of all the previous NBI info links compiled originally by yours truly

The Vids

Well I was perusing the games seeking greenlight on the steam platform and came across these little gems that might be worth putting your support behind and checking out in the near future

Hero of Many looks like a stylized puzzler involving the collection of entities (they really do look like sperm) and then overcoming the environment. I’ve seen this style of visuals before but it still looks nice.

Violett is a point and click adventure game that reminds me of Caroline: a childlike exploration of a strange alternate reality

Aedens Journey is a weird game. Your an entity/ spaceship/ higher being traversing the universe while trying to make your way home to earth. The mechanics remind me a little of eufloria in how your going from place to place while avoiding enemies.

The Progress Report

I’m Still not too concerned with playing GW2, and haven’t played much at all since my last bug play of wvw over a week ago now. I still haven’t transferred over to JQ, apparently the TKG has been doing well over there and facing the hordes once more… doesn’t seem like they are having as much fun as before though. Hmm, might wait a couple weeks to see how it turns out before I transfer as the guild would have used all the gold now for the setup costs ans it really as a decent chunk of money.

Looking at the scores at Mos.Millennium and the matchup doesn’t seem like it is going very well for many servers. Sanctum of Rall is dominating poor DragonBrand and Fort Aspenwood, Tarnished Coast is stuck fighting two tier 1 servers and a whole lot of other extremely unbalanced fights. I hate to say I told you soo but….. 12 servers to a league is just way to much as the spread of available fights becomes much wider, I thought it was still going to use the previous ranking style of matchup with servers still going up or down as usual but no, they’re feeding many to the wolves.

They are trying to make it a competitive (lol) system much like the Spvp but that is not what WvW was designed for or aligned with the playerbase’s interests. Instead of improving the best aspects of WvW they continue on a completely different path, where to… I really have no idea but I’m really starting to think they should pull over and ask for directions.

I’m still making my way through mass effect and while the operation of skills, weapons, and squad members during combat is really annoying I’m still liking it. The story is wonderful, the input you have is great and it certainly has a way of making certain scenes feel truly epic.

MassEffect2 Tali

Love the design of this suit.. Elegant, Feminine, deadly and not a millimetre of skin

Firstly Tali is amazingly awesome. Something about my fem shop just doesn’t grab my interest, it’s much better to be able to play a female character but I think the avatar has ventured to far into the uncanny valley. The male characters are ok for the time but the female faces just look… Hmmm… off.

Tali avoids this easily due to the face mask and not being human but it’s not just that. Her armor looks amazing; it covers her completely, has a nice feminine detail to it, and has a well defined artistic style that, while being influenced by middle eastern garments feels completely alien. She also has a very powerful feel to her in the way she commands her squad and talks to Shephard; nice tone and inflection with dialogue that suits the character.

Ok and this scene totally gave me chills, the lights were revealing this amazing spaceship and the entire time I was in awe.

Rented diablo 3 on the console because I wanted to see what it was like but didn’t want to buy one without knowing and it’s AWESOME! I don’t know what it is but it plays much better, something about having to click every movement and for each attack was a rather conflated way of doing it. Here it locks on automatically and plays rather smoothly, jumping between attacking other mobs is really easy… The control scheme just workspergect for the console and quite frankly, better than the PC.

It also supports multiple players which is a nice touch so we ended up having 3 people smashing their way around the place, sploding monsters and just having fun. I don’t think I’ll buy it just yet but definitely on the Playstation 4.

Still playing Card Hunter now and then and really enjoying it.. I’m around lvl 10 I think and even though it’s more of the same it’s still quite fun. I’m really starting to wish there was an android version of this. Once I get home lately I’ve been doing many other things like cookign, cleaning and playing some other big games and the times I really would enjoy playing this wonderfull methodical game is on the bus or during my lunch break. It’s the perfect distraction but it just doesn’t work on my phone… Not to mention a large data usage.

More Firefall of course, not getting full into it but I also don’t see myself giving it up any time in the future. I haven’t made much progress on the dragon fly frame as I need to thump a lot more materials. Maybe I could begin leveling my other frames up, tiger claw was pretty cool as was the the Recon frame I unlocked. After playing on my well equipped Dragonfly it just makes other classes not feel as fun… Plus I just love the frame more.

I’ve been working on my first professional (ish) youtube video. A Guide to thumping the personal one and kind of an introduction to my dragonfly frame. I completed a personal thump without the Hud and it wasn’t as hard as I thought, I’ve added music, made an intro frame a couple captions throughout and just need a bit more voice stuffz and then it will go up. I’m actually really nervous about it as I’m much more comfortable working a post then editing a video. Writing is what I know.

I’ve also been doing some entirely inefficient study. I just can’t motivate myself to write for it like u do for the blog, be great if I could though.

Next week will be more of the same; card Hunter, mass effect and Firefall. I’m actually thinking about jumping into another older mmo just to try how they’ve changed, can’t decide between Rift or Tera… Tera is definitely better for that exploration feel as the environments are amazing it’s just that getting back into it is a lot harder as I would have no idea what my mystics skills are anymore.

Well that’s it all, hope you all have an amazing week of gaming. May the gods of rng smile down on you.

11 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Repulsive Responses, Newbie Bloggers, and Greenlight Games

  1. Knowing what I know of ME3 I’m sniggering in a very unpleasant way when you talk about how cool Tali is.

    Suggestion: don’t play Mass Effect 3.

    As a totally unrelated aside: while I typically like non-American English spelling “metre” just makes my skin crawl. Same with “centre,” “tyre,”, and “colour.”

    • Don’t you dare spoil it grrrrrrr… Boooo, hope she doesn’t die or worse… Pulls a samus. I’m still going to play ME3 and I’ll doubt I’ll find it as controversial as many made it out to be at the time.

      Those words are kind of funny but there are a lot of others that aren’t spelt phonetically and grey are hardly as unusual as a few other weird English rules… Not to mention many crazy American spellings

      • Well, yeah. There’s no good cause for ‘gray’ or ‘defense’ for instance.

        Anyways, I’ll just say that nobody I know liked ME3. Hell, it even got one of the most mild mannered guys I know to post a huge vitrolic rant on Biowares forums.

        Personally, since there was almost no way in hell I was ever going to buy ME3 after they showed off how much disgusting day 1 DLC they were going to have, I’ve found the whole debacle to be a source of great amusment. Only really topped by the greatness of the Tortanic incident.

  2. Tali is my absolute favourite! The ME series is absolutely a blast to play through. I’m assuming you’re in 1? All I can say is, go out there and talk to ALL the NPCs!

    Play ME3 when you get to it. Experience it yourself. I had the hardest time not spoiling myself since I played it way after the release, but the restraint was so worth it.


    • I actually don’t own 1 and am playing through 2. The beginning is a bit of an exposition dump and they do a decent job of catchup with the extra conversation options but I still felt a little lost.. Oh well. Definitely glad I went to 2 first rather than jumping into 3

      • Whoa, skipping 1 in itself is a pretty big skip. If possible, I highly recommend you procure 1 somehow, since many choices from 1 carries over to 2, and 2 to 3.


      • It’s worth throwing out that, mechanically speaking, ME1 is pretty damn boring compared to ME2.

        Not to mention that ME2 will have already spoiled all of the big stuff that occurs in ME1.

  3. There’s a lot of character interaction you miss out. There’s a few major characters whose life/death options lie in your hands in 1, but if you start at 2 they default as dead and you never get to know them even though they appear in 2/3, which is such a shame.

    Basically, you miss out on meeting some awesome characters if you don’t play 1. Highly recommend!


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