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Well, after downloading both Rift and Tera because I became crippled with indecision I ended going into Tera first after having a friend say he wanted to try it out.

It was actually rather funny hearing him go through the process of getting the game working as it seemed many of the same issues were still there. It was taking forever for him to download until, after a day I realised the client must still be using PtP for its downloading. I thought that had been removed, and so once changed the downloading began at a reasonable place. I began downloading then too but had none of that issue, my client performed and looked different… “Wierd” I said.

Then were a couple issues with the install and getting a crash every time he pressed play, apparently issues with how the is was set up in regards to ram. Then, finally, we both hopped in game and were organising a server to play on and I recognised none of the names he was saying.. They weren’t showing for me either. And then it clicked.. He had downloaded the EU client. After a few days for him of downloading and then bug fixing I just had to laugh. He swore profusely, rage quit for a moment and then began downloading the NA version.

I had always heard how bad the EU publisher for Tera was but it was more based on hearsay to me, it had never impacted me too much and I had promptly discounted it. Now I can’t believe how obvious it is. He was downloading nearly the exactly same client I was using nearly a year ago even though the newer client must be available to them. It played rather poorly as well with a decent amount of lag, much more than would be accounted for by the distance. I’m surprised a company is being that brash considering a comparison is rather easy between it and how other companies are running but then when you run the monopoly in your area.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that in the global industry of ours things are still being so segregated. The Tera client offered no options to switch region and required a completely new download from the proper distributor. That disconnection is rather ridiculous though considering that the game files are near mirror copies of each other. Same product, being ftp the purchase price differences are a non factor and all it does is restrict the playerbase further for the publishers.

Connectivity is still not great in many parts of the world and the larger ping can create varying gameplay but still.. Is there any reason to create all these unnecessary roadblocks and restrict with who, and how we can play besides the fact that publishers haven’t acclimatised to this new millennium. I can’t even believe in this day and age that the amount of publishing companies that are truly global is so small. Mostly It’s for arbitrary reasons. All the countries bring published in would of course have varying publication laws, taxes, and market factors that need to be resolved but once you have gained a certain information base regarding it it wouldn’t be as hard. Even if it is more difficult than that (and it probably is) a consulting agency would be able to do the same job.

The technology seems to be growing up now to support a greater sense of connectedness. Megaservers are the new buzz word and should offer a greater ability to play with who you want, Information is becoming more flexible to change and the options are being placed with the player more often.I believe Everquest Next is going this way and allowing people to switch between the regions as you please yet there are many others that are still rather restricting for artificial reasons.

I see server communities as being a good thing for mmo’s, but only for certain games that would support its growth in the first place. For all those other transient experiences the least amount of restrictions the better. I’m of course looking at this from someone who really has no idea about the legal, technological, and corporate restraints and issues so this is probably just more inane ramblings…. but still….

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  1. Down with regional restrictions and region-locking! I admire your friend for only rage-quitting a moment. I would have rage quit for good.

    Except I think TERA still has half the world (including Singapore) IP blocked, so that helps the decision not to play (or pay) immensely. After all, I am a dirty Chinese gold farming cyber criminal.

    ArenaNet is laughing their way to the bank as they dangle $10 minis in my face.

    • No, we do the want your gold farming filth over here there are plenty other games for your kind to ruin.

      Talking about micro transactions, I’m thinking about buying the board shorts for my my Popori just cause he looked so awesome in them

  2. I’m struggling to imagine how TERA could be made any worse. Lag and such only really matter if a game is something that’s worth playing to begin with.

    Maybe if they required you to cosplay as your character to log in. That’d be awkward.

    • Hey, I so would cosplay a Popori. A fat rolley polley ball if fur… I’d even do that dance

      On a side note Tera is no where near as bad as people made out… The dungeon experiences were some if the most fun, engaging, and challenging fights I’ve done as a healer. Loved them all.

      • All I know is that I got to lvl 26 and it was so ungodly boring my two friends and I couldn’t stand it.

        It was like dipping your hand in molten lead. Fine while the thin veneer of water/interest in the combat mechanics lasted, but horrendously painful once that evaporated and allowed the 600 degree metal/condensed awfulness of the quests to contact your skin/brain.

        Then to add insult to injury, after your hand is amputated/you fruitlessly try to scrub your mind of the soul crushing boredom you just experienced you find out you have lead/Korean poisoning.

        I distinctly remember the straw that broke the camels back was some quest in the forest outside the noob zone where we had to spend 5 minutes escorting some unicorn around, even though it didn’t actually path anywhere close to any mobs AND its end point turned out to be a little quest hub 300 feet away that we saw and investigated before hand.

        Complete rubbish. It so scarred my friends and I that we actually bought D3. That should be a crime in my book. Like a less severe form of driving someone to suicide. Perhaps a centisuicide.

        P.S. There should be an SI unit for terribleness. Think of how much fun it would be! Then they could recalibrate it every 20 years just in case something worse has come along in the meantime.

      • lol….interesting analogy

        from what I can see they’ve actually streamlined a lot of the newbie island and lumbertown quests.. no more unicorn escort quest. It’s still extremely boring at the start but opens up further as you go and the more you do group quests

      • That’s what everyone says. But my friends and I never FOUND any of the mythical group content that everyone claims is the meat of the game.

        It seems to me that the fun part of the game should be trotted out and displayed prominently within the first 5 hours or so of gameplay. Not squirreled away in some forsaken corner of the zone that only forum readers know the way to access.

      • That’s what everyone kept telling them during the initial release and probably still telling them now but they are set on making the early experiences as easy as possible so as not to alienate players.

        It becomes more of a part around 30 and by then you can’t miss it. Many of these group fights are even required by the story missions to progress.

  3. I did have go at TERA for a bit on a EU server and got to level 30. I really enjoyed their version of “action” combat compared to say GW2. Based on my limited experience of quest and dungeons (not end game), I found it very similar to WoW with MUCH better combat mechanics! For the combat system alone I wish that I got to max level and experienced the end game but life has it surprises…

    I didn’t have much technical issues with the game however I did read on EU forums that the EU publisher is quite bad compared to the NA publisher. The cash shop prices were over the top but I think that’s a good thing since I didn’t spend any money on it!

    • End game dungeons are really well done.. Interesting mechanics and team based fighting. Also, for a lot of them you already learned the moves from the fighting Bams so it wasn’t this gigantic trial and error affair.

      You have a lot more skills and the fights progressively get more demanding as gain levels but always achievable if your paying attention.

      Without a doubt I would rate Tera the best mmo for dungeon crawling… I like that but it’s not my main interest.

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