Black Desert Vid Recap

Black Desert recently had an internal testing event where they recorded a lot of video footage on the mechanics and animations of the various classes. It certainly does look interesting and like the game is coming along nicely although it still doesn’t look like it is ready for the closed beta testing that is coming up soon. That might just be because there hasn’t been much info released regarding many of the mechanics or because I just can’t read Korean… probably the latter. They are going to be testing a lot of the mechanics, quests, combat, housing, and even castle sieges so they may be further along then it seems.








Big Battle



  • hmm, I’m not sure what to think about the pvp combat just yet. The classes were limited during it so you wouldn’t have as much diversity in the fights, they seemed to really like the ranger and they appeared to be rather bad at pvp as well so it is probably a rather bad test. It didn’t reveal much except for the fact of there being PvP.. hmmm
  • Draw distance seems quite low at the moment. During the pvp battle there seemed to be people popping in and out all the time depending on how far away they were, and it really wasn’t that far either. You can see it’s effect in the Horsie video as well with people and objects coming into frame constantly
  • Combat seems interesting although I’m wondering what sort of progression or customisation mechanics there are. In one of the Ranger videos the player checked this side out and the actions you have depend on where you slot gear around the character wheel. There would have to be more involved in it otherwise it would be a bit boring.
  • It looks like there is going to be collision detection which really is great. It enables a bit of griefing but for PvP it makes tank classes more important
  • cc looks to be important but not overboard in its duration and effect
  • I have no idea what the trade window is saying but it looks like a really interesting system. I really want to know more about how it all works
  • They still seem to be struggling with the server lag I saw in previous videos. Once a certain amount of players are near and actions more frequent mobs, and other players seem to  stutter and jump around the screen
  • I generally really like rest systems as it creates down times during play that promote more socialisation, as well as trying out other parts of the game
  • Horsie movement looks excellent so far, some of the jumping looks off but I love how they handle. I really want to see a longer video of mounted combat now

They also seem to have many views that resonate with my own about how an mmo should be in regards to creating the right environment. For instance in a recent interview at mmocast they talked about how they have de-emphasised the leveling process in how you can get to cap in the beta in only 30 hours but that there are many other parts of the game to hold players interest. One interesting quote was

Several testers reported that the game is kind of hard, but when Kim was asked if he’s going to change the difficulty level he said “… we won’t touch it because hard difficulty is a Black Desert feature. If games are too easy, people won’t feel a sense of accomplishment.

Bringing back the challenge is a huge deal for an mmo. In a way the progress into ease of play and a casual focus is what has killed much of the social aspects behind them. Screaming Monkeys has an excellent post about the effect of casualification and that maybe a culling of certain players is needed to create community and long term interest. This is not the first time this topic has come up, in my opinion it was the focus on grouping in Tera that made it more than just the sum of its failures.

I really want to play this soooooooo much right now… I’ve even been thinking about getting a VPN service in order to bypass the I.P blocking, just wondering if the language barrier would be too much.



6 thoughts on “Black Desert Vid Recap

  1. I can’t keep Korean MMOs straight in my head anymore. Is Black Desert the one with the retarded Pay2Loot system and no underwear? Or is that Archeage?

    • Haha, you always make me laugh in the morning.. Thank you for that.

      The one you’re thinking about is Black Gold

      Black Desert is a very pretty open world mmo. Open world bosses, housing, pvp, trade with mechanics of robbery much like silk road. At this stage I think it holds more promise than any other upcoming mmo

      • Just goes to prove my point really.

        Should just call them all ‘Super Grindy Sell Your Mother Nazi Internet Cafe Distraction ULTUMATU’ #1, #2, and #3 respectively and be done with it all.

      • Quite the pessimist aren’t we. I actually think the most promising new games and features are the ones that are coming from the east. We get wow clonia: the dynamic wars’s a shiny now run the same content ten bouillon times.

        At least their games are beginning to focus more on the open world again and are more nuanced then just providing experiences along the lines of carebearville and someone stole my lunch money

      • I just don’t see it.

        When some guy is telling me “If games are too easy, people won’t feel a sense of accomplishment.” What I’m reading is “If games are too easy, it prevents us from selling shit that allows users to skip those long, obnoxious segments of the game that are specifically crafted to make people shell out for the convenience to skip it.”

        Of course, I also don’t get what’s so special about the ‘open world.’ Oh, your game has an open world does it? Well aren’t you special. What’s in it that’s bloody worth doing? Fighting monsters and collecting loot? Done that before mate. What else ya got? How about a bloody big ass world so that I ain’t seeing 12 dozen other dudes tromping around the Lost Lich’s Lair looking for his Enchanted Encrusted Dildo+0.5? You say you’ve got that too? Well you’d better show me ya twit ’cause I bloody well ain’t believing on faith after the last 4 guys all said the same and turned out to be full of shit. This is your map? Doesn’t look so big to me ya berk.

        Honestly, I don’t see the appeal. It’s not even that I have some sort of special dislike of Korean games, because my deepest grievances are things that are not bound by culture or nations.

        After all of the failures, rubbish, and half kept promises about how ‘realistic’, ‘meaningful’, ‘fulfilling’, ‘buzzword #7’, and ‘buzzword #93’ a game is going to be I’m sick to my back teeth of being excited for expansive promises.

        I’m going to stick with the dude who is selling me the ability to kill lots of people in open world PvP for the sheer fun of it and the other dude who is selling me the ability to kill people in instanced PvP but with proper ‘fuck you EVE you suck’ spaceships. Simple, direct, focused projects.

        Everyone else is getting the full brunt of all the pessimism and misanthropy I can bring to bore. I might play some, because I have needs that ain’t being met by a diet of Planetside and Smite, but that doesn’t mean I won’t loathe them for being completely unlike what all their fancy promises said they’d be.

        Bloody right I’m a pessimist. An industry that should be moving forward has instead by and large elected to stay in one spot for eternity licking its own asshole. Why would anyone be optimistic?

      • Welcome to the dark side. I think most people that have played mmo’s for number of years feel exactly the same way at times. I definitely have recently although it seems my interest in trolling the latest big failure is winding down now.

        Through it all though I always try to maintain a certain amount of optimism towards future ideas, concepts and worls just because if I didn’t I would realise I’m just wading through sewage and stop playing them completely. And that would be a shame. I have hope only because that is all that’s holding my interest to the genre and I take solace from playing a variety of games that scratch particular itches. It’s never enough to satisfy but it’s enough to hold the dream together.

        There is enough buzzwords, ideas, and interesting mechanics in Black Desert for me to continue on in the genre based on faith. Archeage isn’t what anyone really wanted, star citizen/elite and camelot are years away and this is all I have right now… What else is there to place ones hope on for the near future? Wildstar is a distraction, ESO will be a decent iteration on GW2’s wvw but a pale imitation of the real thing.. And then there is Everquest Next which, although interested in I’m still sceptical. All the other open world pvp games are poorly created ideas stunted by lack of resources.

        The industry is always moving forward but it’s always on a singular narrow ideal and perfecting that .. Scripting the world enough to give the illusion of life seems to be the recent focus. There is a recent change this generation though as we are getting many games breaking away from the set mold in a variety of ways, there re more games focused on different player interests now. The problem is most are still adamant about getting millions of subs/whale dollars. Once the reality sets in we’ll see more nuanced projects with reasonable goals.

        Well that’s what I tell myself so I can sleep at night anyway

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