link dead radio: Art overload, GvG, and Changing a Comment culture

The Links

  • The continuum is an amazing new sci fi series involving a great cast, interesting moral dilemmas, and quantum conundrums. It is a remarkably deep but often times confusing show and Robo Beat has an excellent recap of the important plot points
  • An official Firefly comic book will be getting made that continues on after the Serenity movie. Here you go fans, someone is throwing you a bone now shut the hell up or go watch Blake 7 instead.. A more camp space cowboy show involving more interesting characters and themes
  • An interview with Jessica price, a project manager for Pathfinder at Nerdy but Flirty about working in the video and tabletop gaming industry
  • Link saves Zelda has a 2 part analysis of the “Tropes vs women in Video games” videos
  • Why I game has an a wonderful Elegy regarding the final demise of War
  • A collection of all the video trailers presented as part of the Tokyo games show at Gaming Grad
  • WvW and the GvG scene had a bit of a meltdown over the week… one of many occurences though. Here is the Forum post about Developer intereference in a GvG event and the video

I must be a prophet or something as just after writing the Review Rage post the internet took note and started moderating itself.. YouTube, Gamespot, Kotaku, and popular science being some and you know what… it seems to have worked out as the conversations being made on those sites are far less vile. It is a troublesome time in many was as the worry is whether they will stifle real discourse that criticises their opinions or poplar ideologies but I don’t believe that to be the aim and was what we had really worth keeping. Also… embrace your new feminazi overloads pitiful men


How I imagine the trolls at the moment

The Vids

The pavilion an interesting  way of telling a narrative from a 4th perspective

Do gamers need Sarkesians feminism

Star Citizen looks purty

Dumb ways to Die: Lol edition

The Progress Report

Was able to get in another game of Talisman over the weekend which was lots of fun but I lost again … *cries*. It was a slow start for my ghoul this time around; The Troll and Dwarf where far ahead of me in terms of character progression and items but then a few lucky card picks as well as being the only person able to deal with most of the craft monster encounters meant I caught up remarkably quickly and it ended up once more being a race into the middle. This time we were attacking each other a bit more throughout the game just to make it a bit of a different match but mostly because all of us happened to get the take a life from a player quest from the Warlocks cove in order to get a fabled Talisman (you need a talisman to enter the area in the middle for the win.)

It was all going well, everyone was into the middle region and set to make their dash into the middle when I picked up the witch encounter that happened to turn me into a toad while in the desert with minimal lives left, I dropped all my items, including a life saving bottle of water and died to the elements. I swear I nearly tipped over the whole board in a fit of rage, that “Fuck this shit” urge was strong but I calmed down and watched the end battle.

Next time has to be my turn for the win

I’m still playing Card Hunter now and then but not for very long anymore, just a couple modules here and there so it has become slow progress. It seems to be losing a bit of it’s interest now, not because its a bad game, and I could easily spend many hours on it, but because I’m just playing other things that seem to be appealing to my current moods.

Still playing Mass Effect 2. Thanks to all those giving advice in the previous post, I was going to buy the first and start from there but the original is still around the $20 mark to purchase on various sites and that just seemed like too much considering the age of the game and that my interest in the series still isn’t overly high… I’m really into the story so far but not enough to break what I’m doing now and start again. I know I’m missing out on a lot of story, it is still being referenced in conversations and I really only get a poor recap in what’s being said but.. hmm, I’d rather just continue on and maybe go back one day after I’ve bought it on a steam sale or something.

I will say I’m really enjoying the diversity of the crew. I’m only now starting to pick up new members to fill up the crew of the Normandy and it is an amazing range of personalities with varying backgrounds, interests, dialogue, conversation options. Even the character styles themselves are widely different and are a good mix of humans and aliens.

The latest person I picked up was jack and while I’m guessing she is a renegade type character in terms of her morality I can kind of understand the passion behind her actions. She’s been hurt, abused, and locked away for so long…. who wouldn’t want a bit of revenge because of that. It’s kind of a choatic-neutral kind of situation where she isn’t good or bad but just wanting to mess things up a little. Also, can I just say those leather straps would so chafe the nipples.. the tattoos are awesome though, makes her look like a devil worshipping occultist in many ways and like her powers come from sacrificing people.

MassEffect2 2013-09-29 20-38-42-242

Just a little bit Film Noir

Miranda was one of the first but I really can’t take to her at all. The character seems very bland, no interesting points to her background or interests, she just seems like the goody two shoes corporate girl who is more there to keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t do anything stupid like become a pirate… That was an enticing option.

Mordin is… weird but I kind of like him. A manic alien scientist that is remarkably nuanced in his goals and how he sees the world. He has a really interesting past from what I’ve heard so far of working with the secret corporate organisations to make certain situations less volatile and his methods aren’t entirely morale either. That whole Krogan situation of culling populations and infecting them to slow down the birth rate is an intriguing situation, it seems like the right thing to do for the greater good but you are harming large populations of alien races for your own agenda.

I like that he can make the hard decisions – “lots of ways to heal people” is kind of the embodiment of that line of thinking. I’m guessing him ending up running a clinic to help people was part of his way to atone for his actions there.

MassEffect2 2013-09-29 19-23-53-972

Jacob is a loyal ex military lad but I really know very little about him. It seems he doesn’t fit in with the general military very well, either because their aims are not close to his or because he was tasked with doing things he didn’t agree with. Talking with Jacob and I must have started.. well.. flirting with him and I didn’t know how it started or how to stop. I just kept digging that whole further and further making him, and myself a little bit more uncomfortable in the process. I thought my Fem Shep was going to slap his ass on the way out or something.

From what little Ive seen so far as well the universe Mass Effect is set in is very well fleshed out with a variety of different planets and space stations. I’ve only seen a mere fraaction of it but the locations really have been excelent. also here’s more spaceship shots just because these scenes blow my mind

MassEffect2 2013-09-29 20-32-20-166 MassEffect2 2013-09-29 20-46-41-766 MassEffect2 2013-09-29 19-01-21-457

I’ve been playing a bit more of Towns this week which is a micro-management styled building sim. I’ve written a more comprehensive review of the game previously and not too much has really changed since then, just a few tweaks to general functioning, useabilty, and new build options. No idea why I played it again as it has been awhile since my last play, was just after that sort of relaxing building gameplay where you are setting up a working economy and watching the city grow. There is a bit more to it than that as you can always have new goals but still… Simple building pleasures.

This time around I really haven’t been bothered digging into the earth just yet or inviting any adventurers around. I’m just focused on building the basics of the town first, creating the start of a working economy to feed and learning a few things in the process like building walls, roofs, and blaconies. Progress has been decent; have formed a fair bit of the town already and even have a list about what’s next.

Still suffering a bit from the overall happiness of the town, it’s under 20 meaning that I won’t be getting any replacements to the people that have died to the stupid tree monsters. Working them too hard it seems so once my unit complex is complete they might be able to have  a break to recuperate and stock up… then it’s time for some digging into the unknown.

I planned to play more Tera after that recent post, I was enjoying my kitty Zerker but I used up all my download allowance for the month so the internet speed has been shaped, enough that I can web browse but only barely. Still have one week left to go so there might not be much online gaming happening this week too.

Later party people, and may your idiot sims be productive.

11 thoughts on “link dead radio: Art overload, GvG, and Changing a Comment culture

  1. Some interesting links there. There’s a mesmerisingly awful similarity between the way the people purporting to speak for the elite WvW servers are trying to force the direction of development to move in the direction that suits them and what has happened to the PvE game over the last few months. So far they haven’t got their way but I would guess it’s only a matter of time.

    That Reddit piece is disturbing, to say the least. As for the ANet employee who made an ass of himself in-game, his lack of professionalism is unfortunate but as someone who dislikes the entire concept of guilds in general and sees them as inimical to the underlying concept of WvW as it was always described, namely Server vs Server vs Server, I hope his lack of judgment doesn’t have any material effect on future design decisions. Unfortunately the cringing ANet apology suggests they are already in the process of caving on yet another of their key pre-launch USPs.

    Ah well, I’m not playing much WvW any more anyway.

    • I’m far more on the wvw guilds side than the other, but that bias is probably rather obvious. The game I play in WvW is one of guilds, we know exactly what guilds are on which server during certain time frames.. usually we know there strength too. It built, or did build a certain unconscious understanding between each other that even if we were enemies we still played the same kind of game.

      I don’t think there has been enough development towards there interests either, yes they of course need to keep the general playerbase there, interested, and content but the guilds really are the glue that holds WvW together. For starters most of the voice servers being used are payed for and run by them… that includes those being used for pve on some servers. Secondly can you imagine WvW without the organised groups, the commanders forming up groups, giving goals, and even communicating between each other. The strength of servers is in the quality and quantity of their guilds, the recent reorganisation of guilds for the first season will be proof of that. also, WvW/open world pvp is a place of egos at it’s heart for groups, guilds, and individuals yet there is really no way in there for this to take effect

      It’s funny though, the main changes I’ve read that the “elite’ WvW’ers are saying is just to improve general functioning. Commander tags that work better, group kicks and invites, raid groups, broken skills, better balancing, HACKING… and many other items that don’t include content and that are both good for them and casuals. They have also been opposing the bloodlust mechanic which hurts everyone.

      gvG is really something entirely different, I believe there should be a place for them in a game called guild wars that comes from a pedigree of supporting such things but there actions are a bit ridiculous even if it has been a small group. I understand it though, they act like children but they are children lashing out at there parent who is blatantly ignoring them.

  2. I really hated Miranda at first (okay, well, hate may be a bit too strong but ah well), but it gets a bit better when you get to know her. Still not as convinced as the Miranda-lovers out there (they exist, as they do for pretty much any ME characters), but hey, I did my best! It’s fun to read about your thoughts here after having played through all the Mass Effect editions myself (that was actually one of the first thing for me to blog about!). 🙂

    • I can’t say I like her yet at all, she is not directed as a likeable character from the start although I’m guessing as the game goes her character’s story becomes more nuanced than stuck up mall queen.
      I’m trying really hard not to read any thoughts, opinions and walkthroughs in case I ruin some of the story for me, I enjoy making up my own mind first before I seek out other opinions. And OOOH.. so going back and reading them after I’ve finished

  3. I just saw the GvG drama yesterday. Hilarious shit all around. I especially love the terrible ‘apology.’ And that Tale of Devon Carver post almost makes up for how terrible reddit normally is.

    As for ME2, I see you are missing Zaeed. A grave error. Best man in the series.

    None of the other crew members, save Mordin, are anywhere near as interesting. Miranda is just your standard Ms Perfect Alpha Bitch, Jacob’s just Black American Football Black Man, Grunt is faux-Wrex, Garrus just calibrates, Thane is there for teenaged fujoshi to squeal about how DEEP he is, Legions character got cut, Tali only shows up to please the sorts of guys who like to dream about the composition of her sweat, Jack is all about ‘look at my PAIN and RAGE’ boohoo nonsense, and Samara…I guess Samara is actually pretty cool. Maybe just a little emotionally bland.

    At least all of the recruitment and loyalty missions are pretty fun.

    • Yeh I love the GvG debates.. no one wins and everyone involved looks like idiots but it is amusing nonetheless

      I’m slowly playing through, well it’s been slow gaming all-round lately…life but oh well. I’m still filling out the team.. ooh… looking forward to some sweet sweet lady fanservice. Those philosophical speeches about love and lonlineess always get me too. A bee to honey… or should I say a man to boobs

      • Bloody chicks and their emotional porn nonsense. And why does it always have to be the same old song about ‘fixing’ someone eh?

        I’m bloody glad I can get all my porn needs from the net at large instead of depending on having it awkwardly stuffed into other forms of media.

        They still do it, presumably because there is a large contingent of other dudes who are too lazy/stupid to find out what’s available, but I’m thankful that I don’t need it.

        Oh well. At least I can always kill him with the…oh yeah, spoilers. I forgot.

  4. Ahh!! Thanks so much for the link to my interview with Jessica Price on the Nerdy but Flirty website!! Super appreciate it!

    Also, I freaking love Card Hunter too! Great game! 🙂

  5. I stumbled onto the *awesome* Mass Effect series via the demo on Steam. I downloaded the full version that same day…but a friend of mine persuaded me to hold off playing it and purchase ME1 first, and play through the series in order. I have no regrets in doing so!

    ME1 shows its age alright but the story is still excellent – and I picked up the DVD second had off an Amazon Market Place seller for a couple quid. I’ve just checked now and the price hasn’t changed much, for a copy, in the interim….just in case you change your mind about starting form the beginning!

    Oh yes – make sure you checkout the free DLCs before going too far – especially the ME3 DLCs, when you get that far!

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