Everquest Next and Concern for Crafting

After the recent Everquest Next dev highlight video that specifically focused a bit on the resources and harvesting system I’ve been searching for more information about what to expect in regards to Everquest Next Crafting and am surprised that there still isn’t really anything out there. What we got from the developer video was a little bit more clarification on previously discussed mechanics but it still isn’t enough to fully understand what exactly they are planning.

They unveiled a tiered resource system, all up now that is 5 categories each with 10 types and then 5 tiers to these – sounds ok so far. Having a complex web of resources to use definitely makes gathering and crafting more interesting and it will help along with the feel of a large world filled with wonders to explore and plunder. But, they also clarified that the tiers of resources will more or less correspond with the depth of where they were found… hmmm. Can I just  say fail now and be done with it.

I can already envision the exact same runs of Orr looking for Orichalcum Ore in GW2 except this time it will be looking for tier x of copper in the lowest level in a large open world.  I love how they have a range of materials that will each be useable in a variety of ways but talking about tiers makes this appear to be the same as just about every other mmo crafting system out there. It seems like the same funnelled and forced progression of creating new tiers while obsoleting the old one and creating a defined end point or zone.

Now I have nothing against tiered crafting progression, it works in the usual themepark model; Firefall even has its own version of tiered loot that I rather like. It is the obsolescence of vast amounts of areas, events, dungeons, and items that makes this system so terrible for a more open ended experience. Now for a mmo claiming to challenge the lofty heights of sandbox mmo’s like Star Wars Galaxies having such dramatic change in crafting away from a more open-ended system is rather puzzling.

I already discussed the mechanics of crafting that were revealed during the initial announcement and subsequent news spam wave and what I heard sounded good. A range of materials, each being useful in its own way but now it looks like this tiered system changes everything. I just don’t see how it can go any other way but into an economy that places emphasis on end game items and material and a restricted amount of content that is worthwhile for progression.

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  1. I agree with your worry, but things are still so nebulous and non-specific. It is even more confusing when we are getting information on Landmark that isn’t exactly EQN proper as well.

    One potential solution to your concerns though is the possibility of alloy or composite approaches. While you would have the rarer materials that are find in far more difficult locations, you could still design your crafting system to not need as much as those materials, and instead uses them in conjunction with the two or three tiers of material.

    That, along with needed materials crafted from a wide variety of professions, could help to make sure the game economy and the game’s players don’t leave behind those initial tiers.

    • Yeh it’s far from being a certainty, just a nagging issue I can’t shake.

      Yeh that idea would work. I would be fine with tiers though if the rarer materials went going to be confined to a single area. It’s fine if they are more common there but they should still be interspersed throughout the world t reward exploration and just utilising more space

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  3. I”m not surprised 🙂 Over a week ago I unleashed a rare rant about the promises of EQN. Even after SOE Live the evidence that this game will pull off the promised features is slim.

    I think Landmark will have tools players really enjoy. Where I think it has the potential to fall flat is the selection and market process of making that stuff a reality. Time will tell I guess.

    • Yeh I read that. I still hope they can fulfil their lofty aims because it is what the genre needs right now but it is increasingly becoming apparent that they are going to fall short. How short is up for debate but it seems the crafting system, a big part of that sandbox feel is only going to be a mere shadow of something real

      • I wanted to write about the crafting experience as they describe it, but my feelings aren’t different from yours. The linearity of the system, with low level being bad and high being good, this obsoletes large swathes of the world. Which is soooo ironic …these are the creators of Star Wars Galaxies! I don’t see any reasons low grade materials can’t continue to be useful and potent for building certain things. Maybe copper isn’t great for walls, but perhaps it makes great shingles if you live in the desert or something.

      • yeh it’s a weird change considering their heritage… they should know better. There are other ways to use the low grade material.. you could still need lower grade materials in higher grade items.. or maybe a decent conversion/refining system

        I don’t know, it seems they are going for the transient mainstream group rather than a core population of long term.

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