TESO: A Path for PvP

I have to admit that I’m still really looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online in the next year’s mmo rush more so then any other. I still know very little about how it will function compared to the other mmo’s coming out which is strange though as there has been a steady stream of information from posts, videos, interviews and Q&A’s; the many different pieces are there but I still can’t envision the whole. I am at the stage where I just need to experience it myself, especially the combat and customisation system in order to understand it.

The one part I’m still not sold on is the end game questing they envisioned. Exploring the other factions environment and stories seems like a great idea to extend the questing experience and give completionist a greater goal to achieve but to me it just seems like it is missing something. From what I’ve read your exploration of other factions zones are instanced away so that you can’t interact with those people. It didn’t make sense from a lore perspective to not have a kill on sight order for those people and so you get ostracised away. To me, questing in an instance of a rival faction in isolation seems like it would be a boring and rather lonely experience.

It needs something to make it exciting, to add a greater sense of challenge to it and maybe even make the experience more dynamic. Hmm, what better way then adding some PvP to the mix

Invading Instances

This is just me being a masochistic PvP enthusiast but what if, when travelling these other faction zones the people from these factions could chose to invade your instance and try to remove you from their homeland. I imagined a kind of Dark Souls Experience where you would be able to find specific items in the world that, when used enable you to invade another players instance in certain areas or in a variety of ways. You could be yourself at timesor maybe even an animal, monster, or Daedric lord with it’d own unique collection of skills to use. It would be announced to the player that someone has invaded their instance, a big beware and then then hunger games begin.

It would certainly make experience more interesting for many people and it kind of fits in with the lore they are expanding on. Three great factions that what to plunder the lands of the others while protecting their own.

It seems like it could fit in well enough, it’s already instanced and it could easily be an option as some wouldn’t want there quiet questing ruined by us unruly gankers. For those that do opt in it would be able to reward more of those pvp aliance points that enable the access to specific pvp abilities and skills, offering an alternative route to gaining those specific skins. Just chucking in a few achievements with awesome titles for the PvP enthusiasts such as defending their lands or explored in the face of adversity would be enough. This way it just gives another outlet for the pvp population to enjoy in the down time and brighten up the questing experience.

Mechanically it only involves adding a few extra Matchmaking systems. It would actually be rather balanced too considering that both parties would be at max level as that us when you’re able to begin these quests. I assume groups can quest together so why not groups teaming up against them, the number of players can be easily balanced.

I support the decision that TESO isn’t going to have any arena fighting, that seems to divide the community too much in regards to updates and how to balance for the modes but adding more options is definitely a good thing. The amount of interest in GvG combat in Guild Wars 2 shows it’s a good idea to add reasonable options and alternative activities. It’s definitely not a mainstream idea, most people wouldn’t like it but it would certainly add an experience that is different from the the other competing titles.



6 thoughts on “TESO: A Path for PvP

  1. I’d love a versus mode for some PvE instances. Half the fun of being on a PvP server in my WoW raiding days was zoning out to remind some terrible Alliance guild who is top in server progression. I’d love open world dungeon warzones too.

    Still, I think I have had my fill of strict faction-based PvP in my MMO. I don’t necessarily want completely open, completely free for all, but I’d love to see elements from those types of MMOs begin creeping back into the picture. Raiding in designated PvP zones against the same static, sometimes nameless group of PC enemies is a snooze. Let’s throw in some chaotic evil players as well!

    • haha I remember fights like that in rift before the dungeon finder came in. You’d finish the dungeon only to zone out into a group of the other faction. Lots of fun. I would love more free for all systems but that’s not what the majority wants, Adding some of these elements though would be awesome. More open world dungeons, world bosses that are actually rewarding to fight over, more specific areas that contain needed materials to fight over.

      The only thing I would say is that factions are old design now and a rather restrictive one at that. I’d much rather there be none but have conflict between guilds themselves

      • Guild vs Guild would probably still be a bit unforgiving in an open PvP game. I think you’d still want Factions, but perhaps not three that you are born into. I’d rather it be four or five that you or your guild joins.

      • surprisingly it is a lot more balanced. The bigger guilds become under attack by more guilds on average and those that are small don’t get into the radar much and thus are left to their own devices

        Playing Tera it actually allowed us to tailor the experience much more to how much we liked pvp, we constantly declared war on the biggest targets we could to ensure more targets and more open world action

  2. The invading instances part sounds a bit like what Knight Online does (or did, haven’t played in awhile). Every week the two factions have a big war in a pvp specific place called the Lunar Valley, and the winning faction of that conflict then has a set amount of time to raid and explore their enemies terrain (different maps altogether) and attack their settlements and helpless villagers (newbies).

    Ofcourse the way the map is constructed you’d have to make a beeline quickly if you wanted to reach the “capital” of each side, which is situated farthest from the war front (due to the timer – when it expires all forces are returned to their lands). A few other zones are shared for pvp (a same faction castle siege, the cylindrical dungeon abyss, and one of the higher hunting zones) but other than those and the weekly raid there’s no pvp. 😛

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