Link Dead Radio: Exploits, End Game, and Newbie Lovin

  • Ald shot First clued me in to the fact that Final Fantasy is an exploitable mess… and I thought that Neverwinter exploit was bad.
  • Mmorpg absolutely rips into Archeage’s distributors, about the terrible monetisation system which has since become under development again
  • Ubisoft seems to be sponsoring an event with “The Next Level” where you can win a game a day including unreleased games like Assassins creed 4 and watchdogs by whoring yourself through social media
  • Why I game and Scree have been in a war of the words that started with a deconstruction of GW2’s failures went to what exactly constitutes end game and then predominance of repetition. Pick a side and swing a punch or two as well.

Mario play gym set for babies, absolutely adorable

baby gym

Newbie Lovin

  • Harbringer Zero and Stubborn have both been privy to some rather dramatic guild breakdowns this past week. If you’re an aspiring guild leader or officer then you will want to read these to see what not to do.
  • Cogitationes Astalnaris has an interesting post exploring the attitude and nature of surrendering that was influenced from League of Legends
  • Away from Game and JVT Workshop are both discussing guilds at the moment, one a look at the mutual benefits they provide and the other the emotional bond we have
  • The chindividual explores the connection we have with our avatars
  • The Lazy NPC is a fellow healer and gets uber love for that alone

Annnnnnnd all about me

Found some of my really old drawings on photo bucket. The most recent one would be the Sylvari and that was well before release. I’m thinking most are around 5 years ago.. Makes me want to draw again.

The Vids

Stupid Korea has all the good stuff

Stage Five is at it again

The Long Dark looks rather interesting but do we really need more survival based games.

annnnd The progress Report at a later Date.. hmmm… is it better having it separate from this anyway.