Progress Report: 15-10-13

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Welcome back viewers for this week’s The Progress Report staring your favourite rambling host J3w3l! It seemed to work out having these two bits separate as it’s not an insanely long post anymore.. plus I hadn’t written this yet and it gives me more time

Well I finished watching all 104 episodes of Cardfight!! Vanguard (yes those exclamation points are a part of the name.. it’s stupid) over the course of last week and yet I have no idea why. I could have stopped long before that, the first season seemed to end around the 60 mark and that was rather decent but then everything after entered the realm of the incredulous. Nonsensical plot points were a standard and the usual tropes were abused and yet I kept watching. It’s an average card based mmo at best and a below average anime in general so I can’t really recommend yet still….

I’ve spent a lot of time this last week guiding my town in Towns to grow larger and dig deeper. I’ve mainly been keeping the game running while doing my study work, it lets me skip the wait time of certain build projects and letting the happiness levels grow during periods of downtime. I’ve needed to do a bit of study last week and this offers a quick easy distraction that doesn’t absorb me as much as my internet travels usually do. It might sound weird to be playing a game while doing study but I like/need to have a few competing sources as it lets me focus on one particular, without too much noise my mind wanders. Wierd indeed but that’s me.

Anyway, my adventurers have now completely cleared dungeon level 6, it was an easy job for them it seems although it did take a bit of time. There seems to be a lot of the needed resources down there like coal, iron and copper but as is always the case once you do find it you need it less than before.

My little building project is complete and I’ve started on the new apartment complex. My designs have been rather boring so far, stone monoliths so I’m thinking about being a bit more creative in the materials used in the next one. Maybe a medieval approach would fit, I was thinking about incorporating a bit of wood into the design so it doesn’t look as sterile.

Towns buildings

My food production has become a lot more efficient now and as such my workers are happier, producing more goods and even completing my building projects much quicker than before. I’ve been using a lot more meat products which seem to be more efficient, putting a fence around my animal farms seemed to be the best step as the villagers aren’t traversing the countryside to feed a lone chicken.

Towns Farmland

I am actually thinking about starting the whole thing again now. I have made a lot of mistakes in this town while learning how to build and how to structure things but I’ve also learnt a lot now about how to do it more efficiently now so if I did start again it would probably take a lot less time to reach the same spot. I have spent a lot of time on it though and I am kind of connected to it since it is mine.

I’ve jumped back into Terraria for the first time in several months, I had to start all over again as I have no idea where I put any of my old saves which is a bit of a pain. The first stage when starting out with Terraria is actually rather boring as you’re just trying to find and accumulate the basic materials. Go too fast and you’re likely to hit a brick wall of death.

It’s great to come back though and experience the changes, and there have been quite a few. I don’t know if it’s just me but the world seems to feel more colourful and the background visuals better defined.. less muddy looking. There is a greater variety in monster types roaming around which I assume keeps up the further down you go. The large slime with an umbrella was rather amusing. Also I looooooooove all the new little critters… there are SQUIRRELS now… so cute and even funnier to stab with pointy things.


The basics of the first base is there with a small network of tunnels underneath. I always seem to start out the same way like this, rather than just wonder aimlessly around the countryside or go spelunking I create a defined labyrinth that progressively gets deeper and wider. I am very much looking forward towards what’s to come; more to craft, new areas, new bosses and to just experience all this.

I jumped back into Firefall after a bit of an absence and felt a little lost until it all came flooding back. It was nice to meet the people I was playing with before and seeing them still in-game… I wasn’t really expecting that. Our OZE guild has been merged with one of the alt Aus guilds now so there seems to be a bigger policy of players in guild now. The low guild cap is thoroughly annoying though, it would have been much better for the small pool of Aussies to be connected with in the same guild but instead there stuck with even smaller groups. It really restricts the growth of community connections.

I’m thinking about getting back into my thumping routine as I still need a lot of Biopolymers to progress my Dragonfly frame, I like thumping too so I’m kind of looking forward to it. Most call it a grind, I just find it a relaxing gaming activity. Not much to report except for a few runs of the Backwater instance that I’m going to write about desperately.

Firefall blackwater

A bit more Mass Effect 2 during the week; a mission here and there and slowly working through. I had to visit the Space Outpost OMega again for a mission and it’s an interesting settlement. I’m guessing it’s a lawless zone, out of the reach of the alliance but it isn’t without rules. It is much more free than you’d expect within certain ways, drugs, sex and loud music seem to be what gives the town it’s soul. I’ve seen a lot of other places like this in t.v shows and games so it really doesn’t stand out as very unique compared to them. It’s rather small and more about alleyways and such rather than large flashing displays.

I will say that I will never fuck with Aria. That girl comes off as the ultimate badass in many ways. I thought that Jack was the rough rebel girl at first but compared to aria she’s the high school girl thinking she’s an outlaw for smoking behind the gym. Aria is a self-made Kingpin of Omega, binding together the various mercenary groups and absolutely devastating the prior administration. Talking to the Patriarch underneath the club enlightened me to just how cruel and calculating can be.


*Spoilerific Ahead*

I began the hunt for Archeangel while there as well, a mercenary that appeared to be tearing up the planet and pissing off a lot of people in the process. I actually didn’t expect that he was going to be part of my group at first and thought it was going to be some stealthy affair getting up there to stop him but as it turned out it was a cutscene and then killing a couple of standard merc types.

Garrus… I kind of like this guy for some reason. He sucks in combat so far but the way he talks and just his back story make him a really interesting character to me. I like that he has certain ideals he feels strong enough to fight for and his determination is admirable. Fighting alone on the planet against innumerable odds and still being able to hinder them immensely. He’s very loyal too, to his team and to Shephard; he went through a lot just to take revenge on his old dead team mates just because that was the right thing to do.

I really enjoy the humour he brings to the conversation as well, it was getting a bit serious and depressing at times with the level of challenge ahead and the mission at hand but he lightens the mood. Interspersed throughout his conversation were jokes on the events and background enough that you knew how serious it was but that it was still enjoyable to him. Seeing him get shot during that last fight I actually got upset because I though I had failed the event and wouldn’t get to have him around.

Even when he came back I thought it was going to be a bit more of a solemn affair but the Femshep starts jesting that he was always ugly and to just cover it up with more face paint; then there was a joke about girls liking facial scars but most of those being Krogan….I laughed. All of it denotes a really close relationship between the two that I want to foster further to see where it  goes.

MassEffect2 garrus

OOh.. after that missions I got back and had a drink with.. hmm I forgot her name. She kind of reminds me of Archer’s mother. The drunk effects look weird although they did get the drunk conversation down well… equal parts laughing at inane stories and getting deep and personal.

I had my first mission against the collectors and they seem like a really interesting enemy. I’m not sure of their motives at all yet, I believe they are mercenaries in a sense as they work for others but I assume they have their own agenda to all of this. Scary looking in a way, like mutant cockroaches. That ship of there’s is interesting looking; it seems to have a good does of advanced technology but the way the earth is wrapped around it make it look more like a hive. That fits the race as the seem to have a telepathic connection to each other. I’m wondering if there is some grand Hive mother now in the bowls of that ship somewhere.

Also I”m not sure but was I meant to get Kadan as a group member during this mission because he got all whiny about us working for cerberus and I basically picked the “well stuff you” lines so he walked off to continue being the king of boring goody characters. Oh well. I’ll just go smash some stuff with grunt then.


Mass Effect 2 collectors

End mission with my awesome crew members.. except Garrus, that guy just can not take a hit


In other Kind of gaming related news I’m thinking about dumping the laptops for good now. My laptop has been getting increasingly worse with it’s performance during games that it should be able to handle. It stutters a lot during play and freezes up during certain times. My old HP laptop performed better than this with the same game. It seems that it is a regular error with this particualr model of Toshiba, it’s out of warranty though so I’m completely out of luck. It can’t be fixed either since the GPU is built into the mother board, and if you would get a whole new one you’d be paying nearly the same amount for a new laptop that is better.

Over it now with laptops. Too many issues and the cost of replacement is too frequent and too high if you want to keep up with the current generation of games. So I’m actually thinking about saving up now and building my own pc in the beginning of the new year before those awesome new games come out. I’ve installed GPU’s and hard drives before but the rest will be a learn as I go scenario. Should be fun though, a little tech project to do over a weekend. I think I’ll look into what components I’ll want closer to the day, a lot seems to change in a short time at the moment.

That’s all folks and may the demon of Tech parts smite you down instead of me


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  1. I’d like to unofficially welcome you to the Shakarian fandom =).

    Purely curious question though. I know you didn’t play ME1, so does Garrus greet you as a complete stranger? Or does ME2 give exposition on Garrus’s previous dealings with Shep (in ME1)?


    • yeh he greets you as a friend saying something like glad to see you and then you get the recap of what he has been doing since.
      I haven’t been able to get the investigate option just yet as when I approached him on the ship he said he was busy

      I had to google that word.. HAHA…fyi he does have that look and sound that might make me squeee.. not yet though

  2. I like this feature alot!

    I need to jump back into Terraria. I love that game, but it’s been months since I’ve enjoyed a few days of frantic digging and building.

    I used to like Towns. Like, a lot. But the gameplay sort of wore on me. I’m all for exploring and experimenting but when I started playing there wasn’t even a manual. All the time I burned in there was just figuring out how stuff works. I might turn it on. You’re such an inspiration 😉

    • THANKS =)
      I was actually thinking about renting a terraria server for me and a couple friends recently as they are surprisingly cheap but I thought it would be a waste. If you and anyone else you know wants to play around in one I’d be happy to open one up… it’s much better when the map is more permanent.
      Yeh I found that towns felt liek that a bit when I originally played it.. very little was known about the systems and it was very rough to operate. It’s a better game now but it is much of the same kind of gameplay

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