Firefall: A session of Speed Running

I hate speed runs, they are a cancer on content that needs to be purged for the greater good. This thought comes off of my recent play in Firefall, I had entered after an absence of a month or more into my old group plus a couple of others doing nothing but running the same dungeon over and over again. They were going through as quickly as possible, avoiding many of the mechanics and most of the combat so they could maximise their reward per hour and I don’t know why but it just felt so wrong on so many different levels to me.

I hate that style of play so much. It is not enjoyable to me at all, I don’t care for the rewards earned in this way as they feel cheap, and it just feels so unwholesome. During my last play with them we were mostly running around the world and doing the many events, trying a thump occasionally, heading into the melding pockets, and even a time or two where we did a bit of ffa pvp at Sunken Harbour for the lolz. It was a good time and I was enjoying the game to its fullest. Now well…. it seems the people who have been around for a while have basically just given up on the pretence of the world.

I don’t understand the people who would do stuff like this, speed running the same content for the most reward over and over. Repetition in its most inane form. It seems at that point it’s barely a game anymore, it’s only a mechanic that you get to see over and over, a psychological hook that keeps you pining for more. If I were to do that I would burn out in mere moments and it seems a chunk of the community have in recent times.

Not for the Noobs

The one thing about speed running I’ve noticed is that it is an atmosphere not enjoyable for the new player. They are a rushed affair where you are expected to know exactly what’s happening and what to do at each moment. It isn’t a conducive atmosphere of learning the instance or even being able to experience it and soak in that gamey goodness for the first time. performance is key rather than experience when that should be the other way around.

To be honest I think that speed running, and that type of experience becoming the norm in many mmo’s is actually an extremely selfish act. Most people playing these games are not interested in running dungeons like that, yes that’s a broad sweeping claim in a way but going by a lot of the data of players raiding end game it seems to be closer to the reality.

Going by my experience as well it seems most people put are putting on the façade in the regular group and would prefer taking the experience slower and steadier. People are often scared to speak out during these dungeons run to ask for hints and tips in fear of judgment let alone changing the nature of the run entirely. The influence and level of control over play based on hardcore interests is that strong it overrides near anything else and that really is a shame.

Exploitable Experience

First and foremost I do this sort of content to experience it, then it comes down completing it multiple times if it relates to a personal goal. Speed running while maybe being the optimal path it seems removed from the content in a way. It never feels connected to the same pace or flow of the game, it is removed from the regular reward types and it more revolves around skipping content then playing it.

It feels like gaming the system. It feels wrong and that I’m taking advantage of certain unreasonable factors that weren’t planned or thought of and as such isn’t balanced properly in comparison to other content types. because of this it becomes obvious to most that it is the optimal path when there should in fact be a number of equal options available to the player based on their varying interests.

It seems like it is the optimal compelling force to a gamer at times, to take the most optimal path, to maximise ones time effectively to the exclusion of all else in the game. It is a corrupting force that is extremely hard to manage but when let to take over can completely poison the experience and unfortunately, that seems to happen all too often.

I actually had a great time to just mucking around in the Blackwater instance while we were trying to do an all dragonfly run of the dungeon. It was hilarious, frustrating at times but we laughed and talked the entire time. Then going for the speed run and aiming for an optimal time was a lack of working together, the leaders getting angry when they died, and us noobs doing it for the first time becoming frustrated that we could neither keep up or contribute. It wasn’t fun in the slightest

In Firefall it’s not just the only influence causing this problem. In the absence of new places to explore, new content to enjoy and new objectives to work towards the majority of the regular community have just turned to doing this. Of course it doesn’t help that it is far more rewarding in terms of crystite, the main currency by a large margin.

hmmmmm….I honestly think we need protection from ourselves at time.

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4 thoughts on “Firefall: A session of Speed Running

  1. I did try Firefall in beta and for the first couple of hours I kinda liked it although it took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, but then I just got really bored of it, so I stopped… lol

  2. Totally agree with the Speed Running sentiment, but if that’s how they want to play then let them be (unless there are rules specifically against it). Just hope they announce that they are speed running first so you have a heads up on the plan instead of half speed run and half get caught in combat. That usually doesn’t end well.

  3. Do you think speedrunning is a problem with the content or the players? SWTOR is full of filler, contextual filler mind you, so after a few runs, the speed just goes through the roof. I kind of put it more on the dev side for not planning for it ahead of time. There are plenty of ways to “slow down” a run with mechanics. If there are ways to bypass that, I tend to think it was intended. Still, like you, I prefer a more casual pace without the “gogogo” attitude.

    • speed running I think is great but not when it becomes the predominate way of doing the content. When there are no caps and such it just promotes speed running and grinding the same dungeons as these are often the most profitable parts of the game.

      I like that people can speed running and it should be further built into the achievements and such to provide an avenue for hard core but I think it’s best to limit how much you can do these within reason.
      Say if a dungeon would normally take 30 minutes to complete for a normal party then a 30 minute lockout would be perfect. this way no ones being pressured to optimise the run

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