Link Dead Radio: Interviews, Community, and Bureaucracy Simulators

The Links

  • The Game on Podcast have an excellent interview with some SOE developers and they talk about the Everquest franchises past present and future
  • Gameskinny have a great interview with the blogger genius and all round lovely lady Syl of MMO Gypsy
  • There is a very eloquent post about the discourse in “gaming” culture and it’s alienation of sub groups over at Errant Signal
  • Kill Screen have an expose about Card Hunter that might be worth reading
  • Some interesting theories are appearing regarding GW2 thanks to some dramatic changes in Kessex Hills, check out Why I Game for a good recap
  • There is a post over at TWOHP’s that makes some excellent points defending the League of Legends communtiy

And if your looking for games

  • there are two new interesting beuracracy simulators; Democracy 3 looks like a well fleshed out game where you manipulate policies and popular opinion, and Run that Town (a thanks to vicarious existence for pointing it out) created by the aus government looks like a theme park version.
  • and a Digital version of the Talisman board game, it will never be as good as holding the cards and laughing together but it looks like a great substitute

The Vids

Valve’s new steam controller. It looks rather fancy and intuitive

The new Elder Scrolls Customisation video. There are a lot of great options there so I think I’ll be very happy

Also a lengthy Elder scrolls Interview

Magicka Wizard Wars looks AMAZING. I was always terrible at the original system but I’m definitely going to have a go at this