The Terraria Times

Pretty much all this weekend I’ve been deep (metaphorically and lieterally) in Terraria. Lots of building, digging, killing monsters, and lots and lots of dying. After a short time playing I remembered just how fun Terraria can be, especially when playing with others. It’s not just the same experience this time around as there are a lot of new interesting things to see, do and learn and it might be awhile untill I’ve gotten my fill.

The current collaborative project has been the main tower containing all manner of knick knacks. It started off more as a medieval castle that acted as a communal crafting area but now after the expansions to the throne room it is starting to look more like a rocket ship. I can see this little structure getting some more upgrades in the future untill it barely resembles it’s beginnings.

Ooh.. And I just got a fancy bubble machine. I love all these fluff items you can get now.


Underneath the rocket castle is an area I keep expanding on containing quite a few tombstones. I’ve tried to keep up the witty referential comments relating to that particular death… It’s kind of a personal scoreboard for me.


The tiny tower apartment complex housing a lot of the npc characters. There are so many now! Shops for all major of items, crafting, consumables, and cosmetics. Really great collection that keeps you working for the next one.

TerrariaOriginalBackup 2013-10-21 06-41-00-444

No Terraria home is complete without its very own monster arena; a place to battle lost souls, a little pvp and the spawn area for the eye of cthulu. The church connected is our bastion against the forces of the corruption, having all that stone there stops the spread.


While digging my underground highways, an activity which I strangely enjoy I also found Jeromai’s cute little cabin nestled into the ravine. It’s funny seeing everyone’s different playstyles like this, those that work together and those that like making their own way.


There is also a long path down to hell now after I enlisted the help of a pimped out friend. Even with the best mining item it still took him a long time to make it all the way down. Although once he was down there he thought why not beat the wall of flesh boss since he had the item to spawn it on him, unbeknownst of course (it better have been) that it would permanently changing the world to Hard mode.

Oh the slaughter that then blessed the world. It actually took me a while to change it back, I didn’t want to lose everyone’s progress by restarting the server so luckily I found a program called TEdit that let’s you fiddle around with the options and even change terrain if you wanted.

Looking forward to more fun this week and the server is still open for all should you choose to jump in.

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8 thoughts on “The Terraria Times

  1. No castle would be complete without a resident hermit underneath its foundations, undermining its structure by dwarfly digging out a mini-home!

    Looting your pimped out chest contents would feel too much like cheating for me. Enjoying the process of diggy diggy holing for a day or two more at least – now in a blend of iron and silver gear, hunting for more ore and life crystals, then I’ll use your nice lil arena to get slaughtered by the eye. 🙂

    I expect I’ll end up rummaging around for some daemonite ore upgrades after that, before replacing what I’ll take with more dead eyes killed in revenge. (I can never figure out the boundaries of property rights very well in communal living multiplayer spaces.)

    • yeh I do know how you feel… my friend was wanting to give me heaps of gear from the onset but I didn’t want to.. it kind of ruins that early experience struggle. Making your way, carving out a niche which is an important part to the experience.

      I’ll probably make a mini how at one of the corners of the world at one stage but now I’m happy working collaboratively with others.

      I believe a few meteorites crashed to the east if your looking for upgrades.

  2. I popped on the server quick. Created a new character to get the full experience, and spawned during a Blood Moon, I think. Just ran around a bit, didn’t do any real building or anything.

    I haven’t played in a few months, so all the update stuff is new to me. I might have to set aside some time to go have some fun. 🙂

    • Yeh there is a lot of new stuff to see and do now. I was a bit lost at first too but it all comes flooding back after a bit

      Take your time and have fun

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