The Progress Report: 22-10-13

If you were to ask me what I’ve played during the last working week I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you. I really did nothing more than frivolous internet exploring things. I was just feeling so tired, a feeling coming from the curse of narcolepsy that can overcome my gaming exuberance from time to time.

I caught up on my blog reading as well as slowly getting through The Traitor Queen by Trudi Caravan; watching a couple anime’s, namely Hack/sign which I’ve never made past the first 3 episodes before and starting Mahou Shoujo Madoka Marina, a magical girl one that might actually be interesting.

I did end up playing the Stanley Parable briefly, I say briefly because it is a very short experience and I say experience because it isn’t really a game per se. All I can say is that I don’t get it, I don’t get why it has the appeal it does or even why it was needed. I understand that it is an existential exploration of our motives as players but I just don’t get it. I’ve played games on kongregate that were more meaningful in their exploration regarding the futility of our actions than this but Stanley Parable is being applauded in the general press.

To me it is a game equivalent to the kind of art where someone randomly finds an object from there surrounding, puts it on a pedestal then proclaims to the world to look how clever they are… It’s not clever, it is pretentious. It could be more akin to artists like Yves Klein in how it’s more a parody of the this particular culture and how we interpret our “art”. Hmmm.. Rant over I guess.

Last weekend I did play quite a bit of Mass Effect and gathered more members for the Normandy. I’ll have you all know that so far I’m not liking Thane much. Given I haven’t been around him much yet but, while intriguing in his manipulation of personal morales, he just doesn’t appeal to me that much. It seems the typical fallen hero character, atoning for ills or completing acts of terror against his better judgement in order to execute a grand plan. I don’t care that he is dying either although that does round-up the reasoning behind his actions rather well.

Mass Effect 2 Thane

Yes Thane, you’re boring Shephard too

Some of Thane’s background stories are remarkably interesting though, not because they explore him further but in how they detail other races and the interactions between them. The Hanar sound like a really strange race in that they communicate through light. I love how they break with modern tropes so much in their creation of alien races, they’ve created far more nuance in the game than you would usually see from sci-fi.

It was also funny during that dialogue where he says something along the lines of “you want me to help save humans I’ve never met, from collectors no one knows about, going to a place no one has come back from”. Hmmm, when you put it that way screw it, let’s just go kill more mercs instead.

I think Garus will always be my man. His quick wit during many of the conversations won me over and just how caring and heartfelt he seems at times sealed it. Later on she’s definitely going to get some action oooooooooon and I’m not ashamed to admit that although I do wonder how one would kiss the mouth equivalent of a grasshopper.

Met Liara for the first time and I’m guessing she was a prominent character in the first although she has no interest in helping out this time around. She seemed like a rather boring bureaucratic type character, fine with me if she stays.

Mass Effect 2 Liara

I found that entire planet, and those blue people rather unnerving for some reason. It has a distinctly structured and corporate façade but an insidious underbelly filled with espionage, trickery and greed festering away underneath. The consider themselves so superior to everyone else but in my view they are far worse, give me a planet or space station like Omega over this as at least there your know what to expect.

They are also another one of the races of mass that twists the standards as they seem to be gender amorphic. One race is defined but the genetics have been mutated or manipulated enough that they no longer need outside genetic material to propagate. They still need birth but the race underwent an obsolescence of men in a way… or at least their genetic contribution. As such the race are now female in form although the personalities seem to vary enough that there are defined feminine, neutral and masculine roles.

Mass Effect 2 illium

The city is pretty though

I managed to pick up Sommara the Justicar who is far more interesting at first glance than she is overall. Another boring good character that lacks any sort of interesting nuance to their story. Bound by some old religion rules of conduct by Magic.. it certainly looks like magic. She just seems like a strictly moral and righteous version of Jack, which is to say she has no redeeming personality characteristics. When the renegade options like throwing someone out of a highrise are so fun to do why would I want someone tagging along shaking their head in disapproval the whole time.

Also what the hell is it with those boobs.. my god.

Mass Effect 2 Sommara

I’m also starting to think that Jacob is unhappy with me but I’m not quite sure just yet. I was having a conversation with him… I don’t remember, just the personal options I think when he saluted towards me at the end. It seemed more like he was mocking my authority in that instance… is that something he would do?

And of course there is the wonderful Terraria. The expansions to the main tower complex are really quite massive now, I got involved last night but it had mostly been completed already. We did end up defeating the Skeleton boss and gained free access to the Dungeon which ended up in us pilfering absolutely everything not nailed down. We got deeper and deeper into the dungeon area until we were eventually slauthered under the weight of our burdened backpacks

Thanks all and may your dialogue options be filled with brilliant and bloody executions

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6 thoughts on “The Progress Report: 22-10-13

  1. Yessss get your Shakarian on!

    I hope you’re spending a good chunk of the time reading all the Codex entries. There’s so much interesting stuff in there!


    • Haha, I love how there’s an actual term for liking Garus and no I haven’t looked at the codex yet. I’m might just do that on the weekend

      • The codex’s a gravy of information for lore/history lovers. If you like that stuff, the codex in the ME series does an amazing job of fleshing the universe out.


      • The codex in the ME games has always done a vastly better job of world building than the actual games do.

        It’s nice, but the two are often at odds with each other. So much so that listening to the codex mostly makes me want to play the cool space exploration game that it describes rather than the 3rd person cover based shooter/dating sim that the actual game consists of.

      • Except if it was that cool space exploration game we are ould not have got any sequels. I think they have done it well enough while allowing avenues for people that want to know more

      • I liked the first two games well enough, but I could have been happy with that outcome too. Star Control 2 could use a proper spiritual successor after all.

        It just became a tad irritating that the game kept handing me bits of things that hinted at a larger, less ‘standard space opera’ universe, and immediately followed that up with herding me back towards its actual world of chest high walls and ‘cinematic cutscenes’.

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