WvW Wars and League Lag

Well, after so many weeks that I’ve actually lost count I finally ventured back into GW2 and really I don’t really know how I feel about that. It certainly doesn’t have the level of interest and passion I used to, not even close, but I actually still kind of enjoyed the experience. Now I didn’t enjoy it enough to jump back in full-time as that ship has well and truly sailed but I do think I should at least keep in touch more so than I have been. My entire play was of course in WvW, a mode of play a really enjoy despite its numerous and crippling flaws. I was actually so engaged in the experience that I was unaware of the time and stayed up untill 2am… cue the hubby stumbling out and seeing me then shaking his head.

I played on Friday night (aest), the final night of the first league match that was pitting the three NA super powers against each other, except this time it wasn’t the usually round robin attack patterns and defence of your particular sides of the map. It wasn’t a chaotic mess of servers struggling against each other for the top spot. Both Blackgate and Sanctum of Rall had teamed up against Jade quarry as a way of ensuring they didn’t win this league from the onset. Usually in WvW there is a certain amount of communication and coordination between certain servers and guilds, impromptu cease fires or as a way of taking out a key enemy but this time they were both united towards a common goal.

This eventuated because of the way the league match-ups had been set up between the various servers in gold league (and others as well) that pit the top teams of that legue against eachother in the first battle. It seems that Jade Quarry were going to have the easiest time in winning their matches and if they were to win this first match, which did seem likely at first, then they would likely go on to win the entire thing. This was not something the other servers wanted to happen and so on just about every borderlands Jade quarry were pitted against 2 massive zergs at all times. The maps were nearly completely overrun with not a green keep or castle to be seen and there I was, with the guild in the middle of it all.

Gw2 zerg

Being in the middle does equal death though

All along I was thinking that these sorts of events, servers working together against a foe was what should have been happening all along. This is the way three faction combat was supposed to be. It has an inherent regulating factor that is controlled by players as a way of balancing out any power discrepancies but here I’ve rarely seen it on this magnitude. This is the reason (one of them) why we often have massive server score blowouts; of one server constantly taking out the top spot for weeks and even months on end without any competition.

Even though we were getting absolutely pummelled at times and had little hope of claiming anything for a reasonable amount of time it was still an enjoyable experience. I felt the full weight of what WvW could be; the massive battles and wars, the political manoeuvring, and the increased overall strategy that rules the WvW world. Sadly the system just doesn’t support it very well.

Throughout the night whenever we collided with these other 2 massive forces the serves would struggle under the pressure and utilising your skills became extremely problematic. I’ve faced this issue before, sometimes nearly as bad but never so prolongued. Entire fights were ruled by whether or not your skills would activate in a reasonable time. Weapon skills would take several seconds and utilities even longer if at all. The strategies we were trying to undertake in all this are often highly dependant on group skills and coordination but when unable to do this it becomes a fight of just spamming your first skill and in a fight like that it further magnifies the issues with being outmanned.

Gw2 the Alamo

Last stand shenanigans

We didn’t expect to win but the frustration that comes from losing under these technical issues  really does ruin the experience. Combat is wonderful at times and the strategies that go on underneath are slowly becoming more complex in terms of skill use and group coordination but it is all seriously hampered by the adequacy of the system. I know my computer has issues but the server side limitations are far more damaging to my and many others experience. It is the reason why it will never become more.They have improved the situation dramatically over the months with the changes to culling and the options you can enable but it is still not enough. Now I don’t expect it to all run flawlessly under the number of players in one area, especially when the characters can be so detailed or there is a lot for clients and servers to be relaying but I do expect it to be much better than this… especially in this age.

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  1. It was always my conception that a three-way competition implied alliances but from day one any hint of collusion, whether impromptu or pre-arranged has been seen as cheating. For as long as I can remember the slightest suggestion that two servers are intentionally “double-teaming” a third causes outcry in Map chat, most especially when the server being ganged up on is ours but even if the suggestion is that we are colluding with another server.

    Everyone calls it WvW but of course what ANet called it right up until launch was WvWvW. I wonder if there are actual rules on collusion? If there aren’t, there probably should be, just so we can see what is and isn’t allowed. For example, we had a very unpleasant incident of espionage this week during which about forty golems got pushed over a cliff. It’s very easy indeed for servers to infiltrate each other, both in the immediate game space and in the command structure. The cost of entry is minimal – $20 for the digital download in the recent one day sale.

    In EVE that would be entirely expected and encouraged by CCP but what’s ANet’s take? They have a reputation for banning first and asking questions later, if at all. As Zubon was observing at KTR recently, the thrust of ANet’s development of WvW is highly skewed towards attracting PvE players, as I always thought it would be, I don’t think that’s a compatible goal with full-on alliance and espionage warfare.

  2. Finally, another player who runs around with similar cruddy graphics settings as me in WvW!

    The lag has been a lot worse lately. It’s been affecting Tequatl as well, completely outside WvW, and in EB, it’s really bad. I also suspect that spies, insider agents and political maneuvering during the seven weeks are going to be a bit of a thing.

    I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t want to get too passionate or obsessed about it either way – WvW is not my main activity in GW2, it’s a side dish along with many others so there’s no point getting carried away about perceived inequalities or imbalances or insiders or other such issues.

    Also curious… was BG actually stabbing SoR from behind, or were they just standing there watching you die?

    • they were actually hitting a zerg from both sides and manoeuvring so as to miss each other.. our main strat was just trying to bait those teams into each other for a little collateral damage.

      When they weren’t coordinating like that yep, one side would watch until they noticed the other getting beaten and then would swoop in as well…still avoiding deaths of the cooperating server if they could. There were no deaths between them that weren’t an accident from what I saw.

      PvE was always the side attraction for me with WvW the main… and thats the issue there. WvW just isn’t meant for that kind of full time, long-term play.

      I read about the lag elswhere too.. even in spvp. something about cloud servers sharing the load around every server and wvw has really been taxing them lately with the increased participation.

      oh and it’s usually not that bad with the graphics..unfortunately my laptop is slowly dying and this is the only way to play without a certain amount of complete screen freezes. it was purrrty when i bought it though =(

  3. I am stoked to hear you had a coordinated offense against JQ. They are running train on us and Maguma right now. And yet SOS (me included) is guilty of just running around attacking any enemy on site. Do you know exactly how your server and the other one communicated? Was it thru the forum? Obviously SOS and Maguma need to formulate a similar strategy.

    And curious: are you excited or pissed about the upcoming queue lobby which is basically just a larger PvP map?

    • I am on it now lol… Our guild transferred just before the league started as a way of trying to balance the particular time zones. A few guilds did the same.
      I shouldn’t really tell you this the but a good place to start would be each server forum (not gw2 forums) . Get prominant guilds from each side involved and talking.

      There is a lot of cross communication usually in tier one just because a lot of the guilds knew each other beforehand or built a rapport during the year. We have certain other guild members pop onto our personal T’s now and then.

      Opening a consistent channel of dialogue is the first step. Coordinate commanders from both server on TS, or another voice program. And of course… Good luck

    • Ooh meant to answer your questions.

      I could go into a long rant about it but don’t want to be do negative, it was bringing me down. I would much prefer a new borderlands map to fight on regularly than an unconnected map that serves as a waiting lobby. I already had a waiting lobby… It’s called Tyria. Sometimes we’d even skirmish in hot join whole waiting. Mostly it was doing our dailies and farming gear and gold… A very needed function. I don’t think it will be very popular, although it may serve as a good gvg place.

      • Yep – not a fan either. Takes away more from the game immersion-wise, which is always a bad thing. Its going to be Gank Island – fodder for the stealth crews. Thanks for the tips – didn’t even realize the official GW2 forums didn’t have a server section. Bet that saves on the mods sanity and time heh

      • yeh that it does… it’s also a good thing that the server forums are regulated as well so that you can share server specific information, plans, etc…

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